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dvdtalkreviews 09-22-21 04:01 AM

DVD Talk reviews for Tuesday, September 21st, 2021
<div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:15px">Highly Recommended</div><blockquote><table><tr><td valign="top"><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74979"><img src="http://images.dvdtalk.com/covers/ts1629997799.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px" align="left" /></a><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74979"><strong>The Boxtrolls - LAIKA Studios Edition [Blu-ray + DVD] (Blu-ray)</strong></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px">by Kurt Dahlke</span><div style="width:100%; height:1px; background: #fff"></div>The Boxtrolls:The Boxtrolls is the third film from Portland, Oregon-based stop-motion animation studio Laika, released in 2014. Loosely based on the book "Here Be Monsters!" by Alan Snow, the charming movie tells the story of a boy raised by trolls, and his journeys in the surface world of humans. Fans of Laika's intricate work will find the movie, and this extras-packed release, irresistible. We're introduced to human toddler Eggs (so named because that's what the box he wears used to contain) living underground amongst the boxtrolls, creatures who live a magical existence tinkering with tools and such which they swipe from the garbage on midnight raids to the world above their sewer home. Eggs has been adopted more-or-less by a troll named Fish, who teaches him to jam along with a barbershop quartet record. Unfortunately, above ground, exterminator Archibald Snatcher has vowed to ...<a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74979">Read the entire review &raquo;</a></td></tr></table></blockquote><p>&nbsp;</p><div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:15px">Recommended</div><blockquote><table><tr><td valign="top"><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74981"><img src="http://images.dvdtalk.com/covers/ts1631207736.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px" align="left" /></a><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74981"><strong>Lucky Luciano (Blu-ray)</strong></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px">by Ian Jane</span><div style="width:100%; height:1px; background: #fff"></div>The Movie:Francesco Rosi's 1973 film Lucky Luciano (made, not coincidently, in the wake of the success of The Godfather) stars Gian Maria Volontè as infamous mobster Charles ‘Lucky' Luciano. The earliest parts of the story take place in 1946 when he's been pardoned by the American government and sent back to his native Sicily (where he was born Salvatore Lucania), the latest parts take place in 1962, when he passed away from a fatal heart attack. In between these segments, Rosi skillfully uses flashback sequences to fill us in on what happened between these two notable bookends in Luciano's life.We learn how Luciano was responsible for orchestrating the death of forty different mafia bosses, how he really brought the mafia to power in New York City, how he really took advantage of the criminal opportunities offered him after the first World War ended and...<a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74981">Read the entire review &raquo;</a></td></tr></table></blockquote>

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