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dvdtalkreviews 08-28-21 03:02 AM

DVD Talk reviews for Friday, August 27th, 2021
<div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:15px">DVD Talk Collector Series</div><blockquote><table><tr><td valign="top"><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74935"><img src="http://images.dvdtalk.com/covers/ts1628111394.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px" align="left" /></a><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74935"><strong>After Life (The Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray)</strong></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px">by Adam Tyner</span><div style="width:100%; height:1px; background: #fff"></div>Hirokazu Kore-eda's After Life documents a week at one of the waystations between death and whatever awaits afterwards. During this time, the recently departed are interviewed, each revealing their singularly most significant memory. From there, a small film crew collaborates with them to recreate those memories as best they can with the limited time and resources available. The feelings these short films evoke, upon being screened, are what the dead take with them to the afterworld &ndash; reliving those sensations for eternity, with all else stripped away.[click on the thumbnail to enl</td></tr></table></blockquote><p>&nbsp;</p><div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:15px">Recommended</div><blockquote><table><tr><td valign="top"><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74947"><img src="http://images.dvdtalk.com/covers/ts1628610769.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px" align="left" /></a><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74947"><strong>Bluebeard (aka Landru) (Blu-ray)</strong></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px">by Ian Jane</span><div style="width:100%; height:1px; background: #fff"></div>The Movie:Claude Charbol's 1963 film, Bluebeard, also known as Landru, is based on the exploits of Henri Désiré Landru, a French serial killer known as The Bluebeard Of Gambais, who operated in the town from which he took his nickname from December of 1915 through January of 1919. Based on a script by novelist Françoise Sagan, the film may play fast and loose with facts and details but it makes for an interesting, if not always specifically accurate, watch.Landru is played by Charles Denner and is portrayed in the film as an upper class, middle-aged bourgeoisie family man able to navigate social circles in Paris well enough. With the First World War wreaking havoc across not just France but almost the entirety of Europe, he soon finds himself falling on hard times. Needing to come up with some income he comes up with a truly diabolical plan in which he ...<a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74947">Read the entire review &raquo;</a></td></tr><tr><td valign="top"><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74946"><img src="http://images.dvdtalk.com/covers/ts1628610746.jpg" border="0" style="margin-right:5px;margin-bottom:5px" align="left" /></a><a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74946"><strong>Blue Panther (aka Marie-Chantal vs. Doctor Ka) (Blu-ray)</strong></a><br /><span style="font-size:11px">by Ian Jane</span><div style="width:100%; height:1px; background: #fff"></div>The Movie:Claude Charbol's 1965 film, Blue Panther, also known as Marie-Chantal vs. Doctor Ka, takes place on a train heading through the mountains of Europe into Switzerland. Here we meet a dashing secret agent named Bruno Kerrien (Roger Hanin) who gives to a woman named Marie-Chantal (Marie Laforêt) a valuable jewel shaped like a panther with rubies in place of eyes. What Marie-Chantal doesn't realize, obviously, is that inside the ‘blue panther' gem is a virus so destructive that it could literally put an end to human life on Earth.Enter the sinister Doctor Kha (Akim Tamiroff), a foreign agent bound and determined to acquire the blue panther and the virus it contains no matter the cost. And Kha isn't the only foreign agent out to steal what Marie-Chantal has been entrusted with, in fact, there's a whole manner of people more than willing to put our po...<a href="https://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/review/74946">Read the entire review &raquo;</a></td></tr></table></blockquote>

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