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DVD Talk reviews for Thursday, January 10th, 2019

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DVD Talk reviews for Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Highly Recommended
When Harry Met Sally... (30th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray)
by Randy Miller III

Perhaps the best romantic comedy of its era or since then, Rob Reiner's When Harry Met Sally... (1989) remains enduring and iconic 30 years later. At its center is an outstanding script by the late, great Nora Ephron, further tightened by the strong chemistry and improvisational skills of its stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. It's been called "the best Woody Allen film he never made" for obvious reasons: full of letter-perfect dialogue, memorable New York locations, and on hell of an ending, it deftly avoids clich s that usually hamper modern "rom-coms" and presents fully-realized, relatable characters we can't help but root for. Mad...Read the entire review »

Love, Gilda
by Ryan Keefer

The Movie:

There are a lot of female comedians and comic actors working today on stage, in movies and on television, and one would imagine if they had to put together a Mount Rushmore of influences on their work, Gilda Radner would easily make the list. The Second City alum and member of Saturday Night Live's Not Ready for Prime Time players initial cast held her own and some of her male cohorts at times with characters like Roseanne Roseannadanna before moving on from the weekly grind of late night sketch comedy, ultimately to be taken from the world much too soon at the age of 42 due to ovarian cancer. Lisa D'Apolito combined with Radner's estate teamed up to make Love, Gilda, using a wealth of audio tapes, journals, pictures and home movies of Radner throughout her life.

The film also includes interviews with many of those who Radner worked with, including Martin Sho...Read the entire review »


Kin (Blu-ray)
by Ryan Keefer

The Movie:

On the surface, given the ensemble that are part of the 2018 sci-fi movie Kin, you'd think that they would have something decent on their hands. And the premise of the story is such that it shouldn't be that hard to mess up; protagonist is thrown into circumstances he could not have possibly imagined, featuring a wealth of supporting characters against a backdrop that is supposed to take you along for a ride. Easy enough, right?

Twin brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker wrote and directed the 2014 short Bag Man and with the help of Daniel Casey (The Passage) put together a screenplay for the feature-length film Kin, which they also directed. 14-year-old Eli (Myles Truitt) lives in Detroit with his adopted father Hal (Dennis Quaid, A Dog's Purpose), when Hal's biological and...Read the entire review »

Let the Corpses Tan (Blu-ray)
by Ian Jane

The Movie:

Based on the 1971 French novel of the same name by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Jean-Pierre Bastid, Belgian filmmakers H l ne Cattet and Bruno Forzani's Let The Corpses Tan is, like their earlier efforts Amer and The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears, a throwback of sorts. Where their earlier films were heavily influenced by the Italian giallo cycle, this latest picture feels more like Bava's Rabid Dogs by way of Jess Franco and Fernando Arrabal.

The story, on the surface at least, is deceptively simple. A burnt-out writer named Bernier (Marc Barbe) spends his time in an ancient and decaying home on the peak of a hill near the Mediterranean Ocean. He seems to spend most of his time with, Luce (Elina Lowensohn), creating art and just sort of existing.

Elsewhere, a criminal named Rhino (Stephane Ferrara) and his two accomplices steal two-h...Read the entire review »


Rent It
Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti (Blu-ray)
by Olie Coen

Director: Edouard Deluc
Starring: Vincent Cassel, Tuhei Adams
Year: 2017

I feel like I found him early, at least for an American, and I've watched Vincent Cassel shine ever since. He's one of the best professionals working today, be it in France or in Hollywood, and I would hope that, by now, most audiences know his name, or at least know when they see his face that they're about to see something very special. The Messenger, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Irreversible, Sheitan, Eastern Promises, Black Swan, A Dangerous Method, Trance, Beauty and the Beast, Partisan, Child 44, Tale of Tales, My King, The Little Prince, It's Only the End of the World, Jason Bourne; what can this actor not do. Now he takes on an artist at a very unusual time of his life, and even if the film itself fails to capture our attention, Cassel absolutely n...Read the entire review »

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