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DVD Talk review of 'Being Human: Season Three' (Blu-ray)

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DVD Talk review of 'Being Human: Season Three' (Blu-ray)

I read John Sinnott's DVD review of Being Human: Season Three at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=48500 and...

you ask why this is 1080i and not 1080p. The reason is because this is show is shot/produced for the UK broadcast standard, which happens to be 1080i/50hz. Because the majority of US players and/or televisions don't support the 50hz high-def standard, the episodes had to be converted to 1080i/60hz for the US release, which is perhaps why the video isn't reference quality (think of a modern equivalent to the whole PAL-to-NTSC thing).

On a side note: 1080i/50hz is pretty much standard for British high-def TV production, so anyone here thinking about importing Blu-Ray discs from the UK (Region B) had best do all their homework before doing so. It's not as simple as having a multi-region player, because unlike DVD, Blu-Ray players come in 4 varieties here in the US: 1). the ones that can play 50hz discs, by converting them to the US 60hz standard, 2). the ones that can play 50hz discs, but only in their native frame rate, 3). players that can do both and 4). players that cannot handle 50hz content at all (the PS3 falls into this category, as do many Sony and Panasonic decks).

Coupled with this is that some HDTVs in the US can handle both 50 and 60hz content (such as Sharp Aquos models), while a great deal more of them (Panasonic and Toshiba most prominently) can only handle 60hz (the manufacturers impose these restrictions on purpose). So, if your TV is one of the latter, you'd have to be sure your player was one of those that was capable of doing the conversion (there is a list of various US players 50hz capabilities here.

Or, play it safe and wait for a US release of whatever it is you're considering.

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Re: DVD Talk review of 'Being Human: Season Three' (Blu-ray)

Thanks for the info Mythmaker! That makes sense.
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