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Waterworld 2-disc release: seems almost poetic

Old 11-06-08, 01:28 AM
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Waterworld 2-disc release: seems almost poetic


A movie that was a cock-up from the beginning is a victim of yet another cock-up. Universal why do you even bother with such a sloppy, half-hearted effort? I'm not going to buy after reading this review. Maybe rent.
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Old 11-06-08, 09:49 AM
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Seems like a pretty positive review. What is upsetting you so much?

Do you really care that there are a couple bleeps and some unfinished CGI? How do those two things mar the story in any way?
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Old 11-08-08, 01:46 PM
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It's jolting to have the movie shifting between varying levels of quality from scene to scene. This pissed me off with Uni's sloppy SE of 'Ray' and one of the many SEs for 'Manhunter', which went from DVD quality to VHS quality and back.

Not to mention leaving in the edits for the occasional bad word were jarring and not well done.

Well it's Uni. They are so sloppy in their DVD efforts, and have been for so long, I should not be surprised.
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Old 11-09-08, 07:29 PM
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I skimmed through that review a few days before buying the DVD and after watching the film last night, I wonder if the reviewer actually watched the same DVD I did. While not being a technical know-it-all, the picture quality remains constant throughout the film and would say that it is minutely lesser quality than the theatrical version (if at all). While I have not seen the theatrical cut for years, I have seen it enough times to spot the added scenes and there is nothing jarring about their insertion. On the down side, the extended version IS the TV version, so some of the bloodier moments have been cut and a few curse words have been dubbed over (I counted 2 that were noticeable.) As far as the effects go, they look the same as they did in '95. Of course they look a little dated, but in no way do they look unfinished. In fact, the best visual effect of the film is the added scene of the giant fish. There is one night scene that plays out with just a plain black background, that possibly could have been intended to have stars matted in, but is barely noticeable. The film is 15 years old, and the visual effects are not on the same level as today. This is where I think the reviewer is confused. My only gripe with the EE is that they chose not to inlclude the profanity and the violence of the theatrical version in the extended version. If you like the film, I suggest you pick up the DVD.
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Old 11-10-08, 01:43 AM
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Ok I'll try and rent it.

They should have done this on Blu-ray, at least...
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Old 11-10-08, 06:20 PM
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A rent is about $4. Would you guys buy it for under $10?
That's what I'm going to wait for after reading these reviews.
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Old 11-26-08, 03:58 AM
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Ok, that was a waste of $20. No video store is going to rent out a reissue of a 13 year old movie so I had to buy it.

This movie definitely qualifies as unfinished. What a sloppy mess. Just in what I've seen, you got people running during the atoll attack and no footsteps. The final overhead shot of the atoll post-fight shows the trimaran clearly docked, even though the Mariner, Enola and Helen are already gone. Then there's the sloppy edit of the 'first one who tells me lives' scene. Then in the new scene, where he explains why he uses urine and not sea water, they actually reused a shot from the opening of the movie.

And the digital remastering they promise on the cover? Where exactly is it in this muddy print?

What a lame, pathetic effort, Universal.

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