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terisma 09-02-08 11:44 PM

DVD Talk review of 'My Sassy Girl (2008)'
I read Thomas Spurlin's DVD review of My Sassy Girl (2008) at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=34255 and...

totally agree, it was horrible. it took the original and basically gutted it. taking bits of the story, and adding hollywood cliched nonsense to it. i didn't believe cuthbert for one moment, she and the films general feel do not give her the permission to act the way she does. it just felt very very wrong. and the worst bit was the dialog from the old man at the end, i guess they gave up and just used the subtitle translation from the korean film because it really came out stilted. removing all the korean elements from the story structure without replacing it with anything worthwhile destroys the structure of the entire film.

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