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WMAangel 08-23-08 07:06 PM

DVD Talk review of 'Justice League of America: Season One' (Blu-ray)
I read John Sinnott's DVD review of Justice League of America: Season One at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=34396 and in the video portion, he states:

"The big disappointment with this set is that the video is presented with a 1.33:1 aspect ratio. While the shows were broadcast with that ratio originally, they were designed to be shown in widescreen and the creators have stated that this was their original intent. So why, oh why has Warner Brothers cropped the sides off of the image? I can only guess that they've followed Disney's lead and decided that children's shows and movies should be released in full frame."

While I am in 100% agreement that Warner totally dropped the ball on this one and should have released this in 16:9 on Blu-ray, the line about the sides being chopped off is incorrect. The first season was fully animated in 4:3 with the 16:9 version being "matted" from this, the same way many live action films are shot "flat".
You are not losing any image on this release, only seeing the extra image on the top and bottom of the fully animated frame.

John Sinnott 08-23-08 08:22 PM

Thanks for pointing that out WMA. I though I read/heard somewhere that they cropped a 1.78:1 image, but making it 1.33:1 and matting it to 1.78:1 makes more sense. I've altered my review to be more accurate.

milo bloom 08-23-08 08:46 PM

This is re-goddamn-diculous. What the hell is supposed to attract me to Blu-Ray if they can't even get aspect ratios right?

This was meant to be widescreen, and was forced to be 1.33 by halfwitted network savages, and now it's 1.33 on BluRay do to half-witted disc production savages. I'd actually been considering making the jump to Blu via PS3 because of a dead DVD player (see thread in Other a few weeks ago about firing our nanny), and a proper release of this series would have given me a major push in the right direction. If they can't even get something as simple as this correct, then I'm just not interested.

In closing, to whomever made this 1.33 on BluRay: you are a fucking moron.

Good day.

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