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DVD Talk review of 'The Business of Being Born'

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DVD Talk review of 'The Business of Being Born'

I read Chris Neilson's DVD review of The Business of Being Born at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=33129 and...

Though I agree that this movie has a “Home Birth” focus, I think that what Ricki Lake is really trying to convey is that women are not educated on the choices and options available. Birth in the United States has become an emergent medical complication. We intervene as a routine, as if all of those interventions are safer and better than Mother Nature.

We all know what happens when we mess with Mother Nature unnecessarily !

I have been a Labor Doula for almost 16 years. Over those years, I have seen the pendulum swing back in forth. I have seen malpractice go up and up and up due to an exorbitant amount of lawsuits. I have seen the induction and C-section rate increase every year.

Most of the birthing community blames the providers for the increase C-Section rate, high infant mortality rate, high insurance premiums and lack of personalized care.

Actually, it is our fault as consumers.

We don’t ask about the options available. We don’t ask about pros and cons. We don’t participate in the decision making. We don’t demand a different kind of care. We count on the Doctors to decide what’s best for us or our family and if things don’t turn out …we can always sue them!

Change in our Birthing practices will come from the patients …not the providers.

When we take responsibility for our care and actually research the choices that are available to us, providers and insurance companies will have to keep up with the demand. We are not the victims of a bad healthcare system. We can be proactive and be a part of the solution. Healthcare reform will never come from our government, there’s too much money to be made and too many chiefs who talk a good talk, but never really get things done. Though we may never see Universal Healthcare, Healthcare “re-form” will come from us…the consumers.

In my years as a doula and a patient, we all spent a lot of time complaining about what’s wrong with healthcare system. Why aren’t midwives a choice for patients? We talk about statistics, we whine and we vent, but there is never a solution, there is never a way to be proactive, so the “cause” just fizzles out until a new one comes along.

A year ago I decided to start a solution in my county for my clients to find providers who matched their healthcare needs. I wanted to empower them to research options for themselves. I also want to have a way that providers could also highlight the services they provided and not the services they were not comfortable providing. The intent was to promote communication between patients and healthcare providers. When patients and providers are on the same page it will lead to fewer disputes. I started www.MyBirthTeam.com in 2007. It quickly spread nationwide through mom’s groups, message boards and internet searches with over 2 million hits. This year we will be adding phase two and three of our HealthMatch Tri-site MyEHealthTeam and MySeniorHealthTeam. All three sister sites will provide a forum for consumers and healthcare providers to work together towards a change and a potential solution.

I applaud Ricki Lake for bringing birthing practices out into the open. Her movie is not just about birthing at home, it is about educating women about choices. It is about encouraging women to research and educate themselves on all of their options and yes, it does support the second oldest profession…midwifery.

Maybe it will put midwifery back in the minds of mothers.

Change in Healthcare will come
when we all become educated on our options and collectively create a demand for something different!
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