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nateman 11-15-07 11:48 AM

Request-DVD Review of Seinfeld: Season Nine
Iím just wondering if the ninth season of Seinfeld on DVD is going to be reviewed and if so, when?

Iím not complaining or anything, I know (ex. Roseanne: The Complete Ninth Season) the reviewers have tons of discs to review and I respect and appreciate all the hard work done, but Iím just wondering if itís on a reviewers, review list, and if so, whoís?

I finished watching the DVD and loved it! Minus the series finale, which was a bit of a letdown and I thought the 18 minute "Scenes from the Roundtable" was a bit of a letdown as well.

Randy Miller III 11-15-07 12:46 PM

Skimming our "Upcoming Reviews" list, it looks as if no stand-alone copies of Season 9 were sent our way. Jamie Rich has the Complete Series boxed set in his queue...but that might take a bit longer than normal, obviously. :)

nateman 11-16-07 12:12 PM

Thanks Randy.

Itís weird that Sony wouldnít send out copies of the stand-alone season nine DVD for reviewers to review. I know DVD Verdict only reviewed the Complete Series boxed set and didnít have a review for the Ninth Season DVD as well.

Vipper II 11-16-07 03:20 PM

Based on the previous seasons, it's probably very safe to say that Season 9 will continue the trend of making other TV shows on DVD pale in comparison.

bunkaroo 11-19-07 12:18 AM

Personally I would have liked to have seen a few more extras on the final season set, but it's quality and content were on par with all the previous releases.

It's funny to see how much they deleted from the Finale, and it was still 44 minutes.

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