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DVD Talk review of Hostel II

Old 10-17-07, 04:41 PM
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DVD Talk review of Hostel II


Peed in their pool? Basement dwelling geeks? Dork patrol?

Therefore, a Highly Recommended rating will be offered, since it reflects his own personal opinion while giving deference to those with differing views.
I think you need to take "giving deference" classes.

Seriously, if a reviewer adopts a "me against the world" attitude and resorts to name calling, this only serves to weaken whatever arguments he makes in favor of the film and I'm going to have a hard time taking said review seriously.

So, since I thought that Hostel was an incredibly mediocre horror film and I had absolutely no intention of seeing Hostel II, I now have even less inclination to see it. So, thanks for the review.
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Old 10-17-07, 05:15 PM
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Something keeps luring me to buy this dvd lol. I was a fan of the first one. It had a lot of originality to it. The 2nd one really was a huge letdown imo. Only good thing about it was it gave us a more in-depth look @ the elite hunting organization.

Other then that ehh i feel i may netflix it up. This type of movie will probably be released for $19.99. Not sure if there's any exclusives?? Doubt it since it was technically a bo-flop. I'm sure it will be on the 8.99 rack in less than a year. Anyone else feel the same way? lol And why is roth giving us another edition of hostel...Nothing has changed..eh good ol double dip.
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Old 10-19-07, 02:29 PM
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It's nice to see someone that enjoyed Hostel 2 about as much as I did. I'm not saying it's a great film, but I really liked it. Maybe it's the unquenchable gorehound inside me but I thought the film was better than the first. The b.s. before the actual torture scenes was a lot better than the Eurotrip rehash of the first movie. I'll probably pick up this and the new Hostel: DC on Tues.

And for the poster who asked, the new DC of Hostel restores the originally planned ending for the film. I don't believe anything else was altered other than the ending. If you want to know what it is:
The original ending in the script ended with Paxton kidnapping the Dutch Businessman's daughter, then as they leave on a train he covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming (it's unclear whether or not he is helping her or if he is going to hurt her). This ambiguous ending was changed for the film because test screenings thought the ending was too dark and not satisfying enough. Roth then re-shot the ending that made it into the final cut (Paxton killing the Dutch Businessman). The alternate ending will be on the DVD.
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Old 10-19-07, 08:35 PM
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Yes i do remember Roth talking about that in the commentary. I may just have to pick the original up as well! Thanks for the info.
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Old 10-27-07, 12:27 AM
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I loved the first one and was really dissapointed in the second one. However, I dod think people were being unfair with all the hatred for Part II. After hearing so many people trash the violence, I found it not really that bad.
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Old 10-27-07, 06:14 PM
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I loved HOSTEL PART II. Hostel 1 was good but I can definitely see myself revisiting Hostel 2 much more often than the first one. Gret DVD extras as well.
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