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nateman 10-03-07 09:35 AM

DVDTalk Review of 'The Streets of San Francisco-Season 1, Vol. 2'
I read Stuart Galbraith IV's review ofThe Streets of San Francisco-Season 1, Vol. 2 and...

I pretty much have the same opinion of the show as you do. I buy the releases of ĎStreetsí because I enjoy nostalgic TV shows & basically love all Q. Martin productions but, ĎStreetsí is no Hawaii Five-O & it indeed definitely tries to be it.

ĎStreetsí is probably my least favorite Q. Martin series & itís (like I said) no Hawaii Five-O & itís sure as hell not as/or in the same league as, The Fugitive.

Karl Malden is indeed a great actor but he & Douglas donít have much chemistry at all. It was nice of you to go up to him & say you enjoyed his performance (as did I) in Baby Doll. Those ads really did make the rest of his amazing & long-running acting career, forgotten by the public.

Anyways, Iíve enjoyed all your reviews on the CBS/Paramount Classicí TOD titles & keep up the great reviews!

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