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OldBoy 06-21-05 01:46 PM

DVD Talk review of 'The Stink of Flesh'
I read Bill Gibron's DVD review of The Stink of Flesh at http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=16411 and...
anyone actually have this release? it seems interesting and up my alley, but want to hear from "viewers like me".
and, know where to get it...dvdpricesearch doesn't even have the listing. thanks...

lotsofdvds 06-21-05 01:57 PM

The Amazon.com link in the review might help out on where to purchase it. Or you can get it straight from the studio itself: www.tempevideo.com

TheV 08-05-05 09:42 AM

I watched the film last weekend and was really impressed. What it lacks in special effects, Stink of Flesh makes up for with heart. I really enjoyed the film. There is lots of blood and flesh...so it still has everything that a good zombie film should have. It's definitely of the EVIL DEAD II vein.

A blind buy that I'm happy to own.

OldBoy 08-09-05 08:39 PM

why oh why is this in Full Screen?

pro-bassoonist 08-10-05 03:27 AM

Originally Posted by scott1598
why oh why is this in Full Screen?

Because that is what the OAR is ......1.33:1...!!!


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