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hav0k99 06-22-04 05:11 PM

Reno 911 Season 1 review anyone?
I really want to know if it's uncensored like the Dave Chapelle show is.

RMSpuhler 06-22-04 06:22 PM


As to your question: Define "censored." There are bleeps over profanities and the naughty bits are still blurred, but those were not Comedy Central's. Those were from the show's creators, in order to stay in line with the "Cops" parody theme. So, if by "censored" you mean "self-censored," then yes.


RyoHazuki 06-22-04 06:41 PM

I'm glad they kept the bleeps in. Much funnier that way.

El Kabong 06-23-04 05:57 PM

The deleted scenes are uncut & unblurred. Someone also said the N word was bleeped the second time the episode was shown & it is uncensored here. The episode where they discuss the appropriateness of the word. So it isn't censored in that way.

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