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sfsdfd 10-30-03 04:45 PM

General policy re: Reviews thread vs. Movie Talk thread

We've had several threads posted here in Reviews that, in fact, just discuss the merits of the film, or that ask for movies of a particular genre. Since we have a Movie Talk forum, I think we have to make a distinction between threads that belong in each. It's hard making this call, though, because most reviews (rightfully) involve a substantial discussion of the movie.

I think that threads that <i>solely</i> discuss the contents of the movie belong in the other forum. This is especially true when people start comparing movies, or when people start asking for movies that fit within a particular genre, theme, atmosphere/stylistic content, etc., that seems more appropriate to Movie Talk - you're not really focusing on the contents of the DVD. I <i>will</i>, however, try to give threads a chance to see if they slip into the spirit of a DVD review.

<b>Please help us out here by thinking along these same lines before you post.</b> Not only does this make our job easier - but you'll probably get a stronger response to your post, since that forum is filled with movie buffs who don't visit here as often.

Thanks for your support.

- David Stein

vladdaimpaler 11-06-03 02:32 PM

ooops, I agree, but my first post is in the wrong place, I will post elsewhere.

Tamerlaine 01-12-06 09:58 PM

Although a total newbie, I agree entirely and only came to the forums at all to query why a comedy classic like "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" couldn't be found immediately in a search of the main site - I know it's available on DVD.

hailmyname 03-08-06 12:27 PM

me also totally new but still try to figure out the right forum for my posts, but still i love to keep replying to whatever the members discuss.

pierrebarbs 10-03-06 01:16 AM

PLEAAASE, describe SUBTITLES in HD-DVD reviews.
Some reviews do expose which subtitles (including Hearing Impaired ones ) exist in the HD-DVD reviews, some dont.
It would help amany people to deo this systematically. Thanks.

dlplamps 11-04-08 07:53 PM


Christine 02-27-09 01:21 PM

Re: General policy re: Reviews thread vs. Movie Talk thread
good point

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