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jessecrx 04-27-02 12:29 PM

Review Wanted For Dazed and Confused
This is one of my all time favorite movies. I have it on VHS, and haven't bought it on DVD yet because it has NO extras, and it's not anamorphic. Can anyone give a review on how the disk looks and sounds??

Since Universal's been releasing alot of Ultimate Editions I REALLY hope they re-release this one in a special edition. I never get tired of it! :)


ChowYunFat 04-27-02 12:48 PM

The disc looks ok. I thought that some things looked a bit washed out. The sound is pretty good. I don't have a home theater system so this is the best review I can give you. I hope it helps.

Geofferson 04-27-02 01:43 PM

The disc is average at best. No frills and no anamorphic picture. I too would very much like to see this one rereleased.

Josh-da-man 04-27-02 03:43 PM

The disk is nothing special, but it isn't bad, either.

I think it's due for a price reduction shortly to ~$15, meaning you should be able to pick it up for around ten bucks. Definitely worth that.

Eddyhazkel 04-27-02 11:07 PM

As everyone else has said the disc isnt that great, but c'mon its Dazed and Confused you still ought to get it.

jessecrx 04-30-02 11:41 AM

I appreciate the reviews, guys! I'll take your advice and wait for the price drop. Til then, I guess my vhs copy will have to do :(

Thanks again!
Alright alright alright! ;)

jflynn 05-02-02 02:41 PM

Picture is merely okay, not anamorphic. I've seen some that were worse, but many that are better.

Sound was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT to me. Dolby 2.0 only, very little use of matrixed surround and center channel. Music sounds tinny and weak to me, and dialog not the easiest to follow. The soundtrack was perhaps one of my favorite parts of the film, and in that regard the DVD really was a letdown. FWIW, my setup is mid-level: 5.1 dts/DD, 50wpc, 100w 10" sub in a 12x12' room. Display is 47" calibrated digital RPTV, progressive scan DVD.

This DVD could have sounded and looked a lot better.

thecrazydude 05-10-02 11:43 PM

"Wooderson: That's what I like about these high school girls, I
keep getting older, they stay the same age."

I love this move. if I see it for under 12, I gotta buy it!

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