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Reviews Wanted: Fast and the Furious

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Reviews Wanted: Fast and the Furious

Old 01-16-02, 01:19 PM
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But, lame guys fixing up their lame cars to look sporty (ugly)

....how do you figure that we are lame??
I'd like to say something about the whole "looking sporty" subject. Since the films release there has been a huge surge in performance parts stickers, oversized racing wheels(yes, oversized....I'm sorry but 17 inch "race" wheels aren't ideal for any kind of racing)huge exhaust systems, and worst of all....huge spoilers, the Type R bades(SiR)...some of them on automatic models too...I almost feel sorry for the cars sometimes.

Now I am all for making your car look good. Now, when I see young punks driving around with a completely stock Civic with stickers plastered all over it, cut springs with icorrect camber, and a huge wing on the back it really looks quite dumb. Dumb because they THINK they look sporty, but they end up being the laughing stock of the road. A frikkin spoiler on a front wheel drive car?? That makes no sense. Modifying cars has always been there, but lately it's more of a trend....to make a car look fast. And I stress the words "LOOK FAST."

There's a difference between making your car fast, and making it LOOK fast.

I don't know about your areas, but since The Fast and The Furious has come out the real racers have been having a field day wiping out so called "import racers" left and right. It's gotten so bad that even I get hassled just for driving a Honda...and it's completely stock looking.

Wanna make your car look nice?? Then make it look nice, but don't try to make it something it isn't. Just because you put a cold air intake, header, and slap performance brand stickers all over your stock Civic doesn't make you a Mustang killer.

And it's only gonna get worse now that a sequel is in the works

Old 01-16-02, 02:08 PM
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Hey weargle

I don't have a mitsu so you're 'Stang could probably whip its but stock or not. And besides, if you're talking about the movie, i'd take a stock Supra turbo (that's a Toyota, btw) over a stock 'Stang any day.

I do have a BMW M3 with lots of little extras. Go ahead, put you're supercharger, turbocharger or whatever you want, and then give me the time and place you want to settle this. But you may want to ask all the previous Detroit car owners about me first

Hey jessecrx,

you are right on the money about looking fast and being fast. I hate it too when these civics, integras, accords, etc. pull up next to me and rev there engines on me. Their car may look fast, but all of the time, i only see them in my rear-view mirror after the light turns green. I end up laughing at them at the next light.

You gotta know what you're up against before you decide to show-off.

Last edited by fast95m3; 01-16-02 at 02:10 PM.
Old 01-16-02, 03:25 PM
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Maybe a little off-topic...

I've got a supercharged 95 Taurus SHO outta of the good ole US of A. I've dusted, smoked, and embarrassed many would be streetlight drag racers in my time. Even though my wife says I'm too old for it, I still do it occassionally even now. I just LOVE blowing the doors off those "souped up", fast-looking Hondas, Mitsus, etc. that JesseCRX was talking about, with my "relatively" slow looking Ford.
Old 01-20-02, 05:08 AM
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Like said above: its filled with way too many technical mistakes. Most of the stuff is just plain stupid. The cars look ridiculous. 10sec cars, yeah right, more like 13 & 14sec cars. Most people refer to this movie as:

But if you forget about reality, its a good movie. I can't stand those ricers, yet I enjoyed this film., but I enjoy any car film.

Now about this:
i know many, many, many imports that'll kick anything put out by Detroit (read: Vette, Viper, 'Stang, SS) in 1st, 2nd, or any gear. Mind you, these imports aren't street-legal, but the cops will never know
You don't know much if you're comparing nonstreet-legal imports against nonstreet-legal Chevys.

Where are all the slow 'Stangs and SS's for me to play with
Is that because you can't play with the fast ones?
I got a modified GM crate 350 under the hood thats smoked quite a few M cars.
Old 01-21-02, 09:33 AM
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Originally posted by SS-Rodriguez
I got a modified GM crate 350 under the hood thats smoked quite a few M cars.
I'd rather drive a bowtie than a rice car, and that's coming from a blue oval man.
Old 01-22-02, 12:51 AM
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Great movie, one of the better summer movies of 2001! DVD is a great way to show your sound system too!
Old 01-30-02, 05:34 PM
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Originally posted by weargle

I'd rather drive a bowtie than a rice car, and that's coming from a blue oval man.

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