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Moulin Rouge review

Old 01-17-02, 02:49 AM
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Originally posted by pro-bassoonist
Absolutely amazing. This movie represents a classic example of the so-called European style "cancan-musicals", of course in quite loose interpretation. If you have not seen one, I recommend you do some investigating and look into the traditional French and Italian cinema from around the 1950-65.
I'd rather watch the dance sequences in "Vivre sa Vie" and "A Bout de Souffle" than watching Moulin rouge again, actually.

Now going back to the statement that the movie does not possess any values-Absolutely wrong. In fact, the cinematography and style are so original there truly has not been anything remotely similar to this production perhaps for the last 15 years.
But that's like saying that "Freddy Got Fingered" is the most original surrealist film since Salvador Dali/Luis Bunuel's "L'Age D'or" and "Un Chien Andalou".

When does cinematography and art direction ever constitute as "substance"? To have "values" it has to have some type of depth. Recycling music from the last thirty years and using Michael Bay's editing style doesn't give it depth. Nor do the overstated and incredibly hammy Bohemian values of "truth, beauty, freedom, and love".

The film should have followed its own advice and gave us the freedom to think during the film, instead of imprisoning us by bombarding us with visual excess. It's the equivalent of being smothered every second by someone who desparately wants to be loved. Of course, the resulting effect is the opposite - you grow to despise the smotherer.

I really mean this since I was born in Europe and usually keep track on the ever-fading genre of movie-musicals. Perhaps, the "majors" do not produce them because there are so many people hating them and therefore the market is not so open for their creation.
I hold a British passport, but I'm sure that's neither here nor there. Liking Moulin Rouge or not has little to do with "Tradition". For example, "Les Parapluis de Cherbourg" was a great piece of cinematic musical delight that was truly revolutionary. "Dancer in the Dark" is a morose but powerful musical that turns the genre around its tails. These types of films have merit because they are done with true artistic judgements. Moulin Rouge is, however, "a voracious vacuum cleaner of a movie—hoovering up a hundred years' worth of junk with the same monotonously unmodulated hum." - J. Hoberman (Village Voice).

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Ok, I think it's safe to say that Grimfarrow doesn't like the film.

I finished watching it, and I enjoyed the movie. To each his/her own.

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This is a great film! I borrowed my GF's copy just to check it out, i wanted to see what all the hype was. The first 20-30 minutes kinda made me doubtful of the movies potential but it totally pulled me in afterward. Its indeed one of the best movies ive seen in recent memory becuase it has that special feeling to it. Its a definite chic-flick though.
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I thought this film was very original and a huge risk taker in american cinema. Studios don't release many musicals besides the disney films, so putting this film out is a big risk, it might have flopped beyond belief. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon might be 'tuesday' to the world's cinema, but to America it's very unique, and hasn't been seen before.

I thought the constant 1 second cuts in the first half were meant to put you in Moulin Rouge, so it would be more of an experience. You would feel like you're actually there. If the camera stood on one place the whole duration of the dance sequences, it would be pretty boring.
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Originally posted by orangerory
I kept thinking how if someone was there with me or I was in the theatre that I would be looking over at them with a "What the F?" kind of expression.
My wife and I watched this last night and this is the exact expression we had on our faces when we looked over at each other.

We were looking forward to this, but what a painful, horrific piece of crap. I actually felt embarrassed for Kidman and McGregor (two actors I usually enjoy) attempting to sing snippets of well known awkwardly placed songs. I think I had a grimace on my face the entire movie.

I think alot of people are trying to convince themselves to like this drivel (because they heard some critic tell them they were supposed to like it) so they can feel "hip and artsy" (whatever the h*** that means).

I could go on and on, but basically Grimfarrow sums it up quite nicely above.

Old 01-22-02, 09:44 AM
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I did not have to convince myself in liking the movie. In fact, this is one of the best movies I saw last year.

As to your opinion....not sure why I should feel embarased about NK. By the same token someone could say that without seeing your DVD collection he/she is embarased that you spent all this money on such crap. Later on, after taking a look over your collection it could be saud that indeed you were simply trying to be "artsy" because your taste did not appeal to the masses. You get my drift?

In other words...as stated by other members above, this movie does not need extra attention so one could deem his/her persona as artsy(or whatever else you were trying to imply).
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There has never been a more confused and inane heightened sense of utter cinematic debauchery until the release of MOULIN ROUGE. Director Baz Luhrmann blends the bohemian pageantry of 1900 Paris with visual dynamics of a Busby Berkeley musical gone bad. If "Avant Garde" cinema isn't for everyone, than what the hell were the producers of MOULIN ROUGE thinking?

The idea behind the MOULIN ROUGE is quite simple, never fall in love, at least with the show's star performer (Nicole Kidman). Ewan McGregor, an ambitious writer, not only falls head-over-heels in love, but also risks placing his head upon a musical chopping block as he croons through a jagged medley of pop culture standards. (Two of these numbers include: David Bowie's "Heroes" and Elton John's "Your Song.") Kidman also dishes up her own blend of misguided tunes including an
appalling rendition of the Marilyn Monroe classic "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." But wait, there's more...the supporting cast including: John Leguizamo, Richard Roxburgh, David Wenham and Jacek Koman are subjected to utter levels of inanities as they are forced to deliver K- Tel-worthy versions of Madonna's "Like A Virgin," The Police favorite "Roxanne," Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs," Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," and Phil
Collins' "One More Night" to name a few.

How about the look of the film? Hold onto your mouse, you're in for a bumpy ride! Baz Luhrmann clearly suffers from an acute case of attention-deficit editing syndrome. The film's in your face kaleidoscope imagery, coupled with sparkling jewels, ornate fabrics and offbeat characters makes MOULIN ROUGE a dizzying experience that will cause audiences to storm the concession stand for large bucket of Dramamine. This film is clearly not for everyone, but for whom it was intended I have no clue?
Old 01-23-02, 09:45 AM
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Perhaps, you are suffering from some strange form of dizziness. I am not sure that Baz Luhrmann is that much of a "lost soul" as you are trying to describe him.

For what is worth though....I did enjoy the movie, heck I LOVED IT, so.....maybe it was intended for people like me.

Good thing you are trying to be over-the-top original in your writing.....but I AM NOT SURE FOR WHAT AUDIENCE YOUR ARTSY RAMBLING IS INTENDED FOR.

So, give it a try and see if you could actually "see" the movie!!!!!
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I know that quite a few of you out there did like this film. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that's what makes this great nation so wonderful.
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My Opinion:

I enjoyed moments (particularly the medleys) in the film but not the film as a whole. Had I known, I would have rented before buying it. I'm still glad I saw it though. BTW - The extras on the dvd are great.
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Originally posted by highdef
There has never been a more confused and inane heightened sense of utter cinematic debauchery until the release of MOULIN ROUGE. ...

This film is clearly not for everyone, but for whom it was intended I have no clue?
Good review. An enjoyable read.
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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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Baz'a track record...

The director seems to be making the same type of film :

Strictly Ballroom
Romeo + Juliet
Moulin Rouge


It may seem good to people who
a) really like his style
b) haven't seen his earlier works
c) like Nic + Ewan
d) too young to remember the original songs of the covers done in it.

It may seem bad to people who
a) don't give a hoot
b) (eyes) tire easily with overpowering dazzling visuals
c) hate over-the-top acting and dramatics.
d) hate covers of songs they used to like

I can only say that its 6 of one, half the dozen of the other.

So ** of ****

Hope this helps
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Re: Moulin Rouge review

Originally posted by MrVette99
Do I have to drop acid to enjoy this film?
Funny, I felt like I WAS on acid for the first hour or so...

Total suckfest.

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