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Rush Hour 2 Early Review

Old 10-26-01, 02:50 AM
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Rush Hour 2 Early Review

DVDFile has a (very early) review up at:

Looks like one of the lesser Infinifilm discs... At least it gets a keepcase!
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what do you mean??? This is a quote from the last of that review:

"..Nice transfer, great 5.1 mix, and some entertaining if fluffy supplements, if you're a fan of the series, get ready for more silliness."

Sounds like I will have to own that one!
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Am I missing something? This review isn't on the dvdfile homepage
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It's there on the frontpage. Currently, the review is under "Disc Reviews -- Editor's Choice -- Top Five Picks" on the far left side of the page.
Old 10-31-01, 06:42 PM
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Cool...I'll rent it first though.
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Thought I would throw in my .03 about this review I just read. This review is EXACTLY why I only consider reviews that are either 1) from a friend who I know what they like / don't like etc... 2) 99% of the reviews are the same.

Here's dvd talk's review from Aaron:

September of a few years ago, New Line paired up Jackie Chan with fast-talking "Money Talks" star Chris Tucker and "Talks" director Brett Ratner. "Rush Hour" was dumped into the middle of September by the studio, only to see the film run flying out of the gates, with a major opening and exceptional business in the following weeks. It deserved to, as well. A smart, edgy buddy-cop comedy, the two lead actors had great chemistry and, shockingly, it seemed as if the genre would be refreshed.

The inevitable sequel has arrived and the question remains - does the series continue at the same strength? Unfortunately, no. Working with a dissapointing screenplay from Jeff Nathanson (original screenwriter Ross Lamanna simply gets "characters" credit this time out), the laughs come occasionally and the action comes at a respectable rate, but the dialogue is pure generic buddy-action comedy banter and, after a while, it gets tired. Nathanson's previous credits include "Speed 2: Cruise Control".

The plot goes something like this: Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) are in Hong Kong - Lee continues to work cases while Carter is on vacation and getting increasingly annoyed that he's not actually getting any vacation time. Suddenly, there's an explosion at the US Embassy and Lee gets called into the case - dragging Carter along with him. Thus begins a mess of a plot revolving around counterfit money - or something like that. There's Isabella Molina, a customs agent who may or may not be working for the good guys; Ricky Tan, Triad boss and Hu Li, played by Zhang Ziyi of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Ziyi is the only one that makes any sort of impression in a handful of decent action scenes, but overall, she remains underused in the film.

A bigger problem in this second picture is Tucker, but it isn't Tucker's fault. In the original picture, Carter was a highly talkative character who used his mouth smartly to talk his way out of trouble. He was generally a good guy underneath and the first picture knew just how much to use Tucker. I've always liked Tucker's fast-talking antics, but used wrongly or too much and he becomes less entertaining (although this is nowhere near as annoying as his character from "The 5th Element"). Writer Nathanson doesn't seem to show an understanding of what made the character likable in the first picture - here, he's an arrogant character who walks directly into trouble and, as his mouth runs off, he finds that he's only caused worse trouble with the villians out to get them both.

There's a few jokes that are exceptionally funny, but for every joke that made me laugh, there's several that didn't even bring a smile. The funniest joke actually revolves around a callback of a joke from the first film, only this time it's Lee who asks Carter, "do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?". The other half of the film is the action sequences - many of which are respectable and occasionally impressive. Yet, Jet Li's "Kiss Of The Dragon" offered more consistent and more exceptionally choreographed and filmed action. Although rightfully respected action cinematographer Matthew Leonetti ("Strange Days") provides effective photography here, I much prefered the grittier, darker and more intimidating viewpoint of cinematographer Thierry Arbogast in "Dragon".

"Rush Hour 2" has some fun moments and it's a "Summer" picture, but I really didn't quite feel that it captured the magic of the original or really came back with the right balance of humor and action that the first picture had. Personally, I'm hoping that the third film (which is obviously going to happen) will recapture that mixture and add enough fresh moments and new style to liven the franchise.

does the series continue at the same strength? Unfortunately, no. Working with a dissapointing screenplay ===> Obviously not many people will agree with you considering how this was what #1 comedy of the year and set a few records as well.

laughs come occasionally ===> Once again I totally disagree. I saw this film 3 times (paid once) and not only was I laughing constantly, I noticed everyone around me that I could see was cracking up just as much.

and the action comes at a respectable rate, but the dialogue is pure generic buddy-action comedy banter and, after a while, it gets tired ===> I'll have to disagree one more time. Every time I saw this film I was entertained from start to finish. I left with a smile each time from the hour and thirty minutes of laughter. I thought the chemisrty between the 2 was even better than the original.

My review:

**** out of **** I would of went with 3 1/2 stars, but since the sequel out did the original (which I thought was great) I have to give it props!
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Try this one from DVD ANGLE. It's on their "Must See DVD" list.....


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