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i-mmt 10-17-01 10:39 PM

REVIEW WANTED: swordfish
Any reviews of swordfish anywhere?

Hendrik 10-18-01 05:16 AM

...here are a couple of POVs from Australia...

-> -> -> ! ! ! S P O I L E R S ! ! ! <- <- <-


. . . :o . . .

Oatsdad 10-18-01 03:50 PM

My review will be up tomorrow or Monday, but here's the quick look: EXCELLENT picture, very strong sound, decent extras, dopey movie...

The Pro 10-18-01 07:03 PM

The movie's pretty sad. It's got bad structure(shows the most intense and coolest sequence first), the characters motivations are unclear(if the travolta dude can get anything he wants, why is he after a load of cash), and the twists and ending don't make much sense. still, it's a better attempt for Dominic Sena, at least he figured out that action films need action, not 1 lamo car chase like in Gone In 60 Seconds.

pro-bassoonist 10-19-01 01:22 AM

I can not disagree more with the poster above.....I loved the movie and the DVD looks absolutely great. For me it was easy-MUST BUY 100%.

The Pro 10-19-01 06:16 AM

my point was, if you like the movie, then you obviously should get the dvd. but it was a **** movie.

ipkevin 10-19-01 11:51 PM

Not enough action. Especially when they give all these excrutiatingly cool set-ups for action scenes (there are at least two scenes just aching for huge SWAT battles) and never capitalize on them. Once again, Sena is at the helm of an action movie that doesn't have much action.

Having said that, it was cool and worth watching. The plot is more interesting and varied than Gone in 60 Seconds, and the story just flows. It looks cool, the good actors are sympathetic and believable (Cheadle, Jackman) and the bad actors go wildly over the top (Travolta, Vinnie Jones), so everything is as it should be. ;)

chuckd21 10-21-01 04:21 PM

Here's an advance look at the disc:


filmguy 10-21-01 11:39 PM

The movie sucked horrible, but the visuals were nice. This is a rental if anything. I will rent it just to hear how awsome it sounds on the ol' home theater.

Other than that, I pretty much hated this movie, and I think most people will agree.

Robert 10-22-01 12:17 PM

DVDFile has a review up!


purplechoe 10-22-01 04:12 PM

isn't anyone gonna comment of Halle Berrys 2 "assests" in the movie? :D :blush:

dgc 10-23-01 09:53 AM

Originally posted by purplechoe
isn't anyone gonna comment of Halle Berrys 2 "assests" in the movie? :D :blush:
You mean Halle Berry's Berries? :D

D.Pham4GLTE (>60GB) 10-24-01 11:39 PM

You mean Halle Berry's Berries?


msharkm 11-01-01 02:40 PM

Review without Spoiler
Intro: I saw the movie in the theater and liked it. It's an action movie gentlemen - not Chinatown or Ironweed.

I've watched the DVD and, surprise, surprise, liked the movie again. Watched the two alternate endings - not that surprising - and neither were as good as the one in the movie. Then watched the 'Making of...' - also very good. They show you how they shot the first scene, the vehicle scenes, and the 'above ground' scene. And they talk to Travolta, Jackman, etc and get their feelings about why they did the movie. Then watched the first half of the 'Director's Commentary' - found it very informative. Sena explains what they kept from the script and why, where they diverged and why, and in general what he was trying to accomplish. Very funny line about his previous computer knowledge.

For the $15.99 (Fry's) I know I have a disc I'll be putting back in the player many times for many years to come.

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