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Boshwok840 04-05-01 11:59 PM

I recently bought a Home Theater System. My TV is VERY old, and I've been looking to buy a new one (I don't have that much to spend and I'm just looking for something around 25"). Nothing fancy like HD-TV or flat-screen or anything. Pretty much whatever I get will be better than my 13-incher from the 80's. But my question is, I see a lot of the TV's on the market don't have A/V outputs. Can you hook them up to your HTS? If so, how? Thanks.

RandyC 04-06-01 02:01 AM

A/V outputs should not be required. Your TV is really the end of the line as far as signals.

You get A/V from various sources, like a VCR and DVD player. They typically feed into a receiver or directly to the TV. Any switching to be done, should be done by the receiver. I never use the A/V outputs.

I would recommend you make sure the set has A/V inputs, and enough for what you need.

I like the lower end Toshiba line, such as this one:

DigIt 04-06-01 10:37 AM

Agreed, AV inputs are far more important, but I use my AV output for sending the TV audio to the receiver. (If you do get a TV without outputs, you can always just use your VCR's outputs and watch TV through the VCR.)

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