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flylikeaneagle 03-31-01 11:55 PM

I received my disc from Amazon and could not get it to play in Surround Sound. I checked the disc setup and selected Dobly Surround, still nothing, Checked the setup of my player, still nothing, checked the setup of my receiver, still nothing. Selected dolby digital from the DVD menu and then it played in Surround. The disc had them in the wrong order. Anyone else notice this?

Hannibal Lecter 04-01-01 05:43 AM

for what it is worth.... had no problems getting the suround...

Thunderball 04-01-01 12:02 PM

Um...I have the disc...but I haven't watched it yet. Thanks for the update.

JaxComet 04-02-01 07:15 PM

My surround was fine but I did think that it sounded kind of flat. The Bass wasn't very impressive...

necros 04-02-01 07:50 PM

Only problem I had with the DVD was being able to watch it without wanting to barf over it's suckiness :p

But really, I didn't have any surround problems at all, in fact I though the sound was done really well

lerroy 04-02-01 08:55 PM

i got my copy from getVCDS (insert laugh here) as i was getting CTHD as well i thought why not cause, of the RCE problems .
anyway to get to your post i have a sony DVD player it was playing in normal pro logic at first, but then when i pressed the sound selection button the second choice was for dolby digital not to much of a biggy but i did notice it.
so on mine it was round the wrong way to

ps come on its not that bad three hot chicks running around for a couple of hours isnt that bad hahah


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