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Smidget 03-31-01 01:32 PM

I just got in my Toshiba 40H80 and i absolutely love it! Thing is I have a crappy dvd player, an apex 660, it was something i got for xmas and i didn't think i'd be upgrading this much but i got sucked into this whole HT thing. Now i go and play my anamorphic dvds and its all pixely and you can tell where the compression is, that's just my dvd player right? And i heard newer progressive scan dvds r coming out so i figure i'll wait for them to go down in price? is this a good idea or what would u do?

Thunderball 04-02-01 02:54 AM

I'm not sure if it is or not. IT *SOUNDS* like it is the player, but since you "Just got" the TV, it could be that.

I hope it's your player(for your wallet's sake). :)

You may want to try
Different Cables
Different Video Input
Different Settings

an68 04-02-01 06:55 AM

I matched my Toshiba 40H80 with a Toshiba SD5109 prog. scan DVD player. I'm very happy with the picture quality. If you can afford it the SD6200 is even a better choice.

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