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aingl 03-27-01 09:49 AM

Anyone have this set? If so, an opinion would be greatly appreciated. From what I read, it is an amazing set. Takes 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i. Not only that, it displays them, using the Digital Reality Creation technology, as follows: Display of 1080i inputs: 1080i
Display of 720p inputs: 1080i
Display of 480p inputs: 480p
Display of 480i inputs:960i

Also has auto 16:9. Seems to me that this T.V may be as close to "future proof" as possible (excluding the 16:9 screen size)

Brian Shannon 03-27-01 02:19 PM

Yes I have this TV.

Some things to know. When the source material is good this is an outstanding TV.

When the source material is poor, the DRC makes things look blurry.

DVD's are awesome, DSS is great depending on the channel, OTA is acceptable to poor.

I do not have a HDTV box/antenna yet.

Good luck.

aingl 03-27-01 02:26 PM

Thank You. Sony told me over the phone that the DRC is only activated when the S-video and componenet video inputs are used. If I am not mistaken, doesn't this feature eliminate or greatly reduce the scan lines?

GMLSKIS 03-28-01 07:01 AM

I have had the 32" for about 10 days now and have the DVD hooked up to the component connection. Looking at regular cable I am disappointed because the less than perfect picture is magnified. Watching DVD's is so awesome I think I have the best television in the world. In summary you get a mixed bag depending on the source. The better the input the better the output. The automatic 16 X 9 adjustment will give smaller black bars on top and bottom for anamorphic DVD's but they are still there. Expensive and very heavy but can be great under the right conditions.

aingl 03-28-01 10:22 AM

Thank You. I am getting the idea that this T.V is so good that the regular broadcast signals are just not good enough for it. Interesting how the flaws of regular broadcasts are magnified.

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