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IndyDVDGuru 02-27-01 09:06 AM

I am looking for a universal remote to operate my Toshiba widescreen tv, a Denon 3200 receiver, a Panasonic dvd player, and a DSS. Can anyone comment on this remote? What are the pros and cons? Is there a better remote out there? This remote retails for $399.99, but I've seen it a lot cheaper on ebay. Thanks for everyone's replies!

SoSpacey 02-27-01 09:42 AM

The pronto is a great remote. Its all the latest hype. Its not for me though. Touch screen is too cooky for me - I like buttons.

Other alternatives...

All for One Cinema 7
All for One Performer 8
Sony remote for about 60 dollars

I think these three are all great alternatives.

The cinema 7 is about 30 dollars
The Performer 8 about 70

El Pollo 02-27-01 10:35 AM

I have a Pronto. I really like it, and though there's a couple of nitpicky type things, what you're also getting with it is a huge community of support from other users. You can't say that about any other remote. Go to http://www.remotecentral.com for more info and opinions on this and other remotes.

There are a few potentially better ones (in that price range) in my eyes which have a better combination of hard buttons and lcd screen: The RTI Theatertouch T2, The Denon Atkis, and the Home Theater Master MX-1000. The thing is, they each have problems that the user review section points out making them not quite mature enough yet for me.

danw 02-27-01 11:24 AM

The Pronto is a great remote.

The major drawback I've found is that it would be nice to have some more hard buttons. But how many? And where? What I would want would probably change for each device. Do more buttons (= more cluttered interface) really solve anything then? No, a touch screen is probably best.

The other big drawback is price. $400 for a remote is a lot of money, no matter how you look at it.

The positives are many:
<LI>The primary benefit and advantage over other remotes: ProntoEdit. Sure it's a mildly-cryptic piece of software, but you can be a magician in your home theater, thanks to it. How many of us with a Pronto have a "Watch a DVD" button that does everything from power on the equipment, hit play, dim the lights and do everything else necessary. And we've all programmed a "Power Off" button to turn off all the equipment. The Timer function can make you feel at home by telling the TV to turn on at 5:00pm, just as you get home from work.
<LI>The support <A HREF="http://www.remotecentral.com/">RemoteCentral</A> provides is mind-boggling. The forum and database of other user's Pronto setup is priceless.
<LI>Being able to program a remote with <I>all</I> the buttons from my other remotes cuts out frustration. Many other "universal" remotes won't let you program your VCR, for example. Not a problem with the Pronto.
<LI>(Near-) Infinite expandability. Need I say more?

When I look at the pile of 8 remotes sitting on my a/v rack and think of the confusion and clutter they caused, I think knowingly that the Pronto was worth every penny I paid. I don't know how I ever got along without it.

JLB 02-27-01 11:45 AM

I don't have one yet, but I would love to get a Pronto.

Note, that the older TS1000 can be had for $265 or less now. The TS2000 is out there and the new color 6000 for tons of money. The TS1000 has less memory, but unless you put a ton of bitmaps in there it should serve you well.

The $265 price is a quote I had gotten from JandR.com on a brand new one. May do even better on new/used on Ebay......

steak 02-27-01 11:57 AM

I want a touch screen remote that runs my Replaytv. Anyone know of any?


Osiris 02-27-01 12:24 PM

A cheaper alterative if you own a handspring is the Pacific Neo-Tek springboard that turn your visor into a customizable learning remote.

BartleyR7 02-27-01 01:15 PM

I have the Pronto remote and I love the thing. Some people complain about the lack of hard buttons, but I don't find it an issue at all. I'd much rather have the customizable interface in place of buttons. Also, the Pronto can be programmed with the IR codes to control X10 lighting (with an IR to RF converter, of course). This makes it really nice - all you have to do is push one button and your lights dim and the movie starts. Also, the Pronto can control any device that you throw at it. Since it is a learning remote, all you have to do is create the interface you want (using ProntoEdit) then learn the IR commands from your original remote(s) into the Pronto. Also, most of the time you can find "clean" codes for your equipment on various websites (RemoteCentral for example).

I would highly recommend the Pronto.

DVD-Desi 02-27-01 01:56 PM

I've had my pronto for a few months now. I agree go to http://www.remotecentral.com for tons of information about this remote and files to make it run beautifully. I got a TSU-2000 for $269.99 from J&R Electronics. It was really worth it. We have 8 separate remotes for our components and this combines them all beautifully. If you call J&R and tell them you saw that price at Remote Central, they should match the price for you. That's what I did. Go to the forum section on that site and do a search about that there is lots of info about how to get that deal.

IndyDVDGuru 02-27-01 02:28 PM

Thanks for everyone's response. There is a local electronics store (Ovation) that I believe sells this remote. I am going to stop by and see the remote first-hand. Thanks again!

audrey 02-27-01 03:03 PM

I'll chime in briefly. I love my Pronto (actually I have the Marantz ver), but you should know that some users have experienced problems with their screens cracking from normal use. When mine failed, it took Marantz about 4 months to finally replace it (at least they gave me an upgrade to the newer model). There are a few threads dealing with this issue at remotecentral.

danw 02-27-01 05:14 PM

Originally posted by IndyDVDGuru
Thanks for everyone's response. There is a local electronics store (Ovation) that I believe sells this remote. I am going to stop by and see the remote first-hand. Thanks again!
Keep in mind that playing with an uncustomized Pronto is rather similar to watching a non-anamorphic DVD on an uncalibrated widescreen TV. Yeah it's cool, but you're nowhere near realizing its capabilities.

chefmitch 02-28-01 01:43 PM

My experience with the Pronto has been AMAZING! The pronto is not for everyone as it takes a fair amount of work to set up and relies primarily on the touch screen.

The pronto allows anyone to pick up the remote and use my home theater - even people who wouldn't know dss from uhf from dts. This is great - I know longer come home and find that every button has been pressed so my roommate's girlfriend can watch Oprah.

Price wise - I think the Pronto is a good deal. I bought my TSU2000 for $250 shipped to my door from the classifieds on http://www.remotecentral.com.

Even after lurking on remote central for several months and hearing all the positive feedback about the pronto I was still amazed at how cool and useful this remote is.

If you enjoy tweaking then this is a must have home theater accessory.



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