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MxChino 02-26-01 11:06 PM

Is it ok to stack componets on top of each other. I know they were designed to be used this way but I didnt want to overheat my sony receiver and dvd player by having the dvd player on top of my receiver.

palebluedot 02-26-01 11:25 PM

Sony receivers tend to run hot so I would not suggest putiing anything on top of it.

Centurion 02-27-01 01:23 AM

Even though there are vents on the top, you still need to have an adequate amount of space directly above the receiver to allow the hot air to escape.

I would not stack components in the manner you're describing in the risk of frying something.

ZenDog 02-27-01 09:03 AM

I own a Sony reciever and would definately reccommend not putting anything else on top of it because it can run hot.

DigIt 02-27-01 09:27 AM

Regardless of the brand, you should never stack anything on top of a receiver. If you have to stack, always put the receiver on top.

El Pollo 02-27-01 10:38 AM

All the components are designed to handle stacking situations. That being said, in the real world, it's a different story. To be on the safe side, I don't have anything on top of my receiver nor my DVD player. The cassette player, I stack on the CD player because neither of those get nearly as hot.

ABNVet 02-27-01 03:40 PM

I would most certainly not stack anything on top you your receiver. My receiver as most do tend to run hot. Hot enough to fry something if it is put on top of it. Right now I have my receiver on top of my cd player and about 6 inches above the receiver before the next shelf. This works very well at keeping it cool. I have run my receiver all day with no breaks and it never wanted to quit.

chess 02-28-01 02:18 PM

i found a nice oak end-table at a yard sale that i use for my components. has a nice wide drawer on bottom for remotes and software. on the shelf above the drawer are my DVD player and VCR. on top are my CD changer and receiver. Stacking is OK, just do it wisely.

like everyone else, nothing on top of the receiver. mine runs fairly cool, but i still wouldn't risk it.

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