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Which $2500 HDTV to buy?

Old 02-20-01, 10:54 PM
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OK, folks I'm looking for the best $2500 widescreen HDTV, primarily for progressive DVD viewing. So far the two front runners are the Toshiba 40H80 and the Mitsubishi WT-46807. What is everyone's opinion on these two sets and are there other's I should be looking at? Any sites that compare the two?

Second, where should I buy said set? Good Guys? (currently running no finance/payments for 1 year)Sears with online price match? (assuming they don't tack on shipping)

Third, does anyone have any "insider" information that could help me get my new TV at a lower price? (i.e. The lowest price the Good Guys will sell this set for)

Wow, that's a lot-o questions. Thanks


Oh, and I live in the Seattle area.
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Old 02-21-01, 01:07 AM
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I only have one suggestion in this area...why a TV?

When you can go big screen!

Some of the projectors on the list are even in the top ten on the site. Just make sure you're getting one with component video inputs and you're set. 480p (progressive) should be obtainable from any of these, and the 1024x768 should all do HDTV as well. If you really want a native 16:9 screen look around at them, I'm not really sure which will do it, but you could always use screen masking to cover the top and bottom to solve the bars. Wouldn't a 100" screen be cooler than a 40?
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Old 02-21-01, 08:03 AM
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Not everyone has room for a 100" screen or has the $$$ to spend on a projection system.

I am quite happy with my Toshiba 56H80 56" HDTV set. Maybe one day I will get a projection system...but not anyday soon!

Also, Cysco...you may want to check out Best Buy or BestBuy.com as they are having a sale on all TV's this week! The 40H80 can be had for $2,299.99 from them now during this sale. The 56H80 is $3,299.99. Both are $200 less than the regular Best Buy price!

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Old 02-21-01, 09:40 AM
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Check out this price on the Toshiba 56H80. I was shocked to see it this low:


$2599.95. Unbelievable! The next cheapest price I have seen on this set is $3100. Even if you don't buy it here, maybe you could get someone to price match. What a steal.
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Old 02-21-01, 10:29 AM
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When I got my Mits, I found the best price at a smaller dealer. Good Guys had one of the highest prices. Be sure to shop around.
On another note, If you have room for it, consider the 55807 over the 46807. I seen it for under $3000 and that extra 10" makes a HUGE difference.
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Old 02-21-01, 10:32 AM
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Damn the Tosh 40H80 is $1884... It is Crazy Eddie, so that might explain it...
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Old 02-21-01, 11:41 AM
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well...16 x 9 sets are damn sexy, but if you think you'll be doing a lot of viewing in a darkened room you'll probably get more for your money, i think, w/ a 4:3.
i got a 53" sony a little while ago, and it gives me a great image equivilent to a 48" 16:9. and when the lights are off it doesn't even matter.

whatever you decide on, make sure you see the same set in different stores, and hook it up to whatever sources you're gonna use at home...even if it means dragging your vcr, dvd, etc. to every store. you'll be surprised how different the same set can look when you change some of the variables.

good luck
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Old 02-21-01, 03:25 PM
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Does sears tend to cary the Toshiba 16:9's?
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