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broadwayblue 02-20-01 03:49 PM

How much would you reccommend it? I have been waiting for the 24" or 27" (for my bedroom) for months now. I know it doesn't do the "squeeze" trick that the Wega's do, but it is slightly cheaper. I won't make my final decision until I can see them both side by side, but I wanted to get some first-hand reviews from people who have one. Thanks.

Also, if you could indicate where you got it and how much you paid that would help too.

broadwayblue 02-21-01 08:25 PM

nobody has one?

Nutdotnet 02-22-01 01:31 AM

Slightly cheaper?

broadwayblue 02-22-01 03:26 AM

they go for about $50 to $100 less than the wega, depending on size.

Aufy 02-23-01 12:42 AM

I had the first generation 29" Taunormal (Panasonic) and the only thing to watch out is the deformed picture when watching wide screen movies, well I believe most of them have but unnoticable compared to Tau, watch it from the upper/lower mid centre where you can see the curving of the pic..

broadwayblue 02-23-01 04:30 PM

I didn't know they even made a 29" model. Sound like a good size for a bedroom set.

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