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MWR 02-13-01 10:40 AM

Which Speaker wire (for satelites)???
I have read the dozens of posts about speaker wire here and have gotten some good tips. I still can't decide what I want. I have some gift certificates for amazon so I'm leaning toward this wire.
BUT....I can't figure out what gauge this is...is it 14 gage? I saw this wire at Best Buy & it looks like 16 gauge, but the BB employee was not sure. I don't think I really need 12 gauge because my speakers are the small Jamo satellite speakers. I need 100 ft. total and don't want to spend too much. I have GC's so that's why I'm leaning toward the above wire. Any Suggestions for a 14 gauge wire? Anyone used the above wire? Thanks,

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stevevt 02-13-01 10:48 AM

I would guess, based on the fact that it weighs around 4 pounds, that it's 16 guage.

If you go to http://www.recotondirect.com , there's a spool of "100 ft. 16Awg Flat Speaker Wire." Not only does it weigh 4 pounds as well, but it's $13, vs. $60 for the Monster stuff at Amazon. I doubt you'll be able to hear a difference between these two products.

No I don't work at Recoton (this is AR cable anyhow), but I've bought a bunch of cheap cable from them, and it's working out fine.

Use your gc's on dvds.

My $.02

MWR 02-13-01 10:51 AM

Thanks stevevt,
I think I want to get a 14 gauge wire...I'll check that site out for that too.

Unfotunately, it looks like that's the only wire they have on that particular site

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Fhrx 02-13-01 06:48 PM

I use 16 AWG on all my speakers except for the sub, for which I use 12 AWG.

MWR 02-14-01 08:36 AM

I ordered 100ft. of 14 AWG from parts express and saved my amazon GCs for something else. Thanks

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