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Question on TOSHIBA SD6200

Old 02-13-01, 09:28 AM
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I have a Toshiba SD6200 connected to a Mits 55907 (16x9) display. The question I have is regarding the setting for "Progressive 4:3 Output".

My understanding is that if I set this to "4:3", I should get side masking bars when viewing a DVD that is not anamorphic and full 16x9 when viewing anamorphic. What seems to be happening is I'm getting the side masking bars on ALL DVDs, including anamorphic ones, so I'm having to switch between the "4:3" setting and the "Full" setting depending on the disc.

The "TV shape" setting is "16:9" and I have the "Progressive Conversion" setting to "Auto".

Am I misunderstanding the "Progressive 4:3 Output" setting? Is what I'm expecting the DVD player to do possible; i.e., show the side masks on non-anamorphic and full screen on anamorphic automatically?

Anyone?? Thanks!
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Old 02-14-01, 08:18 PM
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You should be able to leave the setting on FULL all the time.

Your 55907 will have a mode for watching anamorphic DVDs and will also have some other zoom type mode (or modes) for watching non-anamorphic DVDs.

You should use the modes on the TV to watch anamorphic/non-anamorphic DVDs. For example my Toshiba 56X81 widescreen has a FULL mode for viewing anamorphic DVDs. I use TheaterWide2 for watching non-anamorphic DVDs. I leave the 6200 set to FULL all the time.

You have used the "colorstream selector" button under the flip up panel on the remote control to select progressive, right? The 6200 comes set to the interlaced mode.

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Old 02-15-01, 08:13 AM
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I leave the setting on the Toshiba on FULL most of the time (for anamorphic DVDs) and the 55907 on "Standard" which is probably equivalent to your Toshiba 56X81's "Full" mode. I've read in some other threads about certain TV's being "locked" out of certain ratio settings with progressive players. I think the Mits 55907 has this problem. Normally if I'm watching regular TV or (gasp) a VHS, I can set the TV to "Stretched" mode which stretches towards the sides of the picture and leaves the center more proportionally correct (this is probably the same as your "TheaterWide2" mode). I can't use "Stetched" if the 6200 is in progressive mode, so I'm stuck either changing the ColorStream to Interlaced or the "Progressive 4:3 Output" to "4:3". What I discovered AFTER I wrote the above post is that if I set the ColorStream to Interlaced for non-anamorphic DVDs, I can then set the TV to "Stretched" and a non-anamorphic DVD looks OK then. I don't really mind the side-bars on a 1.33:1 DVD, the problem was that the 6200 produces black side-bars and the 55907 produces GRAY side-bars, which are annoying and distracting.

So, anyway, I guess my problem is sort of solved with the use of a combination of a few settings and thanks for the reply!
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