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What 36" TV should i buy?

Old 02-12-01, 06:21 PM
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Don't have a lot to spend. 850 tops. Just bought a home so cash flow is low and i want to upgrade from my 27". Plus with *affordable* widescreen HDTV coming down the road, i don't really want to make a huge investment. I just wanna be able to watch those movies with the black bars on the top and the bottom bigger (I know what they are, so no flame needed). Thanks.
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Old 02-12-01, 06:58 PM
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Not a whole heck of a lot of choices in the 36" model with an $850 cap. Toshiba makes a decent one. Panasonic makes a decent one and it's on sale this week for $799 at Circuit City or Best Buy. I think Best Buy has the toss in a free VCR (yes, I know, but it's free, give it to mom or something) deal this week if you have one in your area.

One thing to be aware of... With a 36" tube, the geometry tends to be a little harder to correct... Letterbox lines may be "slanted" just a bit or "off center". You really have to look at one to see it. The magnetic field of the earth is partly to blame. Some sets will allow to adjust for this in the service menu.
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Old 02-13-01, 01:55 AM
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The March 2000 Consumer Reports (check your library if you don't have a subscription, this is also on the newstands now) has a review of 32" and 36" TVs.
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Old 02-13-01, 09:02 AM
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The best 36" around your price range would defintely be Toshiba . I got Sears to Price Match the 36A60 price online for $842 after taxes. I believe the 36A50 is already around that price but does not have Dual Tuner PIP like the 36A60. I must say after Calibrating the 36A60 with the AVIA DVD it has quite an impressive picture. I'm glad I bought this set to hold me over till HDTV lowers in price. I like black blacks and the Toshiba's have Black Enhanced Tubes which keep the "black bars" of lettered boxed material black. Plus Toshiba has 1 YR P&L in home warranty standard.

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Old 02-13-01, 01:41 PM
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JVC & Panasonic

There is a JVC and a Panasonic thi sweek with a free VCR

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Old 02-15-01, 04:50 AM
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Hello I'm getting a 36' Philips Magnovax next week for like 899.99 Its only that cheap cause my brother can get it that cheap he works at a rent a center. Hes ording me a brand new one and he gets it half off. So hes going to buy it then I'm going to pay him for it. Cause if I bought it it would be like 1499.99 the HDTVs are alot so I'll hold off until they come down a little next year. Right now I have a 25' Philips tv.

Everything I have is philips I think Philips is one of the best brands out there. There up there with Sony . Here are my systems!!

Philips 36' TV Soon NExt Week
Philips 3 Disc DVD / CD Player
Philips 500Watt 6 Speaker Surround Sound Stereo
Philips 4 Head VCR
Philips Duel Deck CD Burner
Philips 4 Speaker Boombox

Well theres my systems my room is full Philips.. Later !!
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Old 02-15-01, 09:59 AM
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Take a look at the Ultravision line of Hitachi's. I picked up the 32in for under $600 so you maybe able to find a dealer in you are that will have the 36in just in your price range. http://www.hitachi.com/products/cons...rtv/index.html
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Old 02-15-01, 04:13 PM
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I recommend Toshiba or Panasonic. Both are a bargain and can probably be had for under $850 with component video connections (if not, S-video is nearly as good). It's amazing how good and inexpensive 36" TVs have gotten in the last year or two.
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Old 02-18-01, 01:29 AM
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I would second the Toshiba. Ive had my 36" for over a year and love it. Great TV for the price.
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Old 02-21-01, 02:19 PM
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Thanks for all the help.

I picked up the Panasonic CT-36D20 for under 700 bucks (had a 10% off coupon). It's nice.

Next time it's widescreen HDTV.

Now all I have to do is build the new entertainment center and hook up the surround sound.
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Old 02-22-01, 05:01 PM
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another happy ending to a dvdtalk story. Aroney - where did you buy it and how did you get the 10% off?
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Old 02-22-01, 05:08 PM
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Bought at Best Buy with my 10% off preferred customer coupon. and interest free for a year. not too shabby.

price: 674.93 plus tax.
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Old 02-23-01, 03:40 PM
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excellent - I'm hoping for one of these coupons to upgrade my tv too.
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