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peskoe150 02-11-01 11:58 PM

This is a general question about all flat panel displays - both plasma and LCD.

Is there any difference in picture quality between a high end CRT or projection TV or monitor than a plasma or LCD TV or monitor? I am particularly interested in LCD desktop computer monitors and people's experiences with them in comparison to a good CRT monitor. Any reason other than desk space to go with an LCD? Is power consumption a difference?

As for plasma TVs, I think they have the same resolution as other HDTVs, but does anyone know about brightness and contrast levels??


reverb 02-12-01 01:49 AM

Regarding LCD and conventional CRT in a computing environment...

LCD units use considerably less power than a CRT. LCD units are sharper than CRTs, and especially good for reading and text. However, current consumer LCDs have much less resolution than high-end CRTs, meaning the 'pixels' are larger on LCD screens, thus CRTs are still preferred for graphics and DTP work. IBM has developed LCD technology that has dramatically improved the LCD screen resolution and detail, but these will be the most expensive LCD for some time. It is also generally accepted that color accuracy is better with CRTs than LCDs.

Also, like CRTs, there are dramatic differences among LCD monitors which have a direct effect on their quality and usably... For instance, their useful angle of view, which can be quite annoying.

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