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Dravensolo 02-08-01 11:54 PM

I just purchased a 36" VVega. After a lot of pic adjustments the picture is great now....16:9 almost high def for DVD.

I have this set up with S-Video for my DVD, as I have the
original Sony DVD player (I was one of the first to get into DVDs). Is component that much better than S-Video, where I would want to get a new player to hook up to my VVega?

If so, would Monster Cables (very expsv) make another huge difference. I don't want the potential of the VVega to go
to waste. Thanks

reverb 02-09-01 06:42 AM

The benefits may or may not be blatantly obvious, but I believe that your investment in that television justifies, if not mandates, the use a component connection. Is it that much better? Well, it's better. You may or may not notice.

Additionally, you can do better than Monster Cable for less money. I would expect to pay about $40-60 for a professional quality set (not brand association), but many here are very satisfied with some stuff from Radio Shack. If you want the same stuff that is used in professional production applications find someone who builds cables with Canare or Belden 75 ohm cable and equivalent connectors. And remember, gold colored connectors don't mean anything and solder sucks;)

Check this timely thread: http://dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=55815

I'm sure there are countless others here is you search.

Zim Hosein 02-09-01 07:31 AM

First off, 'm jealous of your 36" Wega! Now on to the questions you asked, w/ your new set, component will make a difference, noticeable if you have a good eye. As for cables, avoid Monster Cable like the plague unless you really have money to waste. As Dravensolo said, Radio Shack cables are good, as well as RCA [which I currently use]. I bought a few Monster Cables before and in hindsight, the cost was not worth the performance. Just my opinion. Hope this helps.

Dravensolo 02-09-01 07:26 PM

Thanks for the info
I really had no idea that Radio Shack had quality cables. Good to know as I have one 200 yards from my house.

I will check the other threads as you stated, but if you noticed I will.......I love a good picture!

Another thing I noticed....I might need to call Sony...is a very light yellowish patch on the upper left of the screen and it can only be seen on a white background. Anyone have any ideas what this is??

I don't have any speakers within 3 feet?? Hmmmmmmm.....

Thanks again!!!

BartleyR7 02-10-01 04:23 PM

I don't know what the yellow problem is, but I do know that Sony has (a lot) of problems with their picture tubes. I own a 32" WEGA (sans PIP), and have noticed no problems with it (so far).

As for your original question, I recommend upgrading to component video. I noticed a difference with color saturation (wow, those blacks) and a small improvement in overall quality.

Dravensolo 02-10-01 08:32 PM

Well...the yellow has gone away today?? GAS?

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