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Wolfchild 03-16-00 03:15 PM

I am just curious about this. I myself own a Toshiba 2109 (I know, basic, but it works fantastic) and a Hitachi 60" progessive-scan 4:3 TV (sweet).

I see a few people buying the 5109 progressive DVD player but I'm just wondering - does it do anything special with current DVDs? I mean if I had one, would I get any higher res with current discs? I wouldn't think so but thought I'd ask. Or will we see the most benefits from these once actual progressive-DVD discs come out?

fantasia 03-16-00 04:15 PM

480-Progressive Signal Output provides 480-line progressive (non-interlaced) full frame resolution performance to compatible 480-p capable displays. The result is a more film-like image, with enhanced brightness and contrast, deeper color resolution and fidelity. As DVDs are ALREADY mastered in 480-p, you can enjoy the flicker-free images the movies are engineered with.

You should see an improvement immediately if you got one right now. Just make sure that your TV can accept a 480p signal (there have been compatability problems reported).

By the way, if you shop around your should be able to find a 5109 player for around $500.

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Wolfchild 03-16-00 04:36 PM

Do you have any idea if the prices on them will fall even more and how much in the coming months? I'd be willing to spend the $500 except I don't have it right now (something about just dropping $6200 for my HT setup two months ago http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif )

This sounds good! DVDs with a good transfer already look beautiful on this TV - if it can be improved upon I'm all for it. I have become very picky about resolution and any distortion in the picture so I think one of these would make me happy.

Lush 03-17-00 02:25 PM

I had a chance to compare the two from the 5109 on a Toshiba RPTV. The difference is minimal. Only in "Super Speedway" did I notice a real difference. When the race car passes by the stands, component video shows interference (or ringing-I'm not sure of the terminology) which was absent in prog scan. In terms of color, resolution, and the rest of the nice stuff, I had a hard time picking them out. But I am not writing it off, yet. I'll have to do a more controlled test to find out more.

Wolfchild 03-17-00 05:56 PM

Lush, was the Toshiba RPTV a high definition or progressive-scan model or just a regular projection TV? Not to knock a regular interlaced RPTV, but the progressive DVD player probably wouldn't show much difference on one of those, at least I wouldn't think so....thanks for the replies.

If the difference is very slight, it probably wouldn't be worth me buying a 5109 right now.

steve f 03-17-00 07:24 PM

I noticed a definite improvement on my Toshiba 56X81 with the 5109 compared to my 3109 player. Most of the aritifacts (shimmer, jaggies) were gone, better color too. The 3109 had a very good picture, don't mean to downgrade it, but the 5109 made a real difference.

I guess the biggest improvement was on medium quality DVDs, non-anamorphic, etc. Naturally the reference quality DVDs showed less improvement, although I can still see a difference.

If you can't afford one right now don't lose any sleep over it. They'll just get better and cheaper as time goes by. But I would plan on getting one at some point. It's worth the money in my opinion.

Lush 03-20-00 12:09 AM


It was a current 50in. I am sorry I don't have the model number off the top of my head. However, I do know it had prog scan inputs. The dealer (a small, independent specialty audio store) said the picture settings for the different inputs were separate, and therefore, each had to calibrated. He said that the interlace input was calibrated but the prog input was not. That is why I said I would do a more controlled test to decide for sure. Why not borrow a demo from a store overnight? You can't go wrong...

Is your Hitachi new? If so, how come you didn't get a 16:9 display? I am sure the diff between LBX and anamorphic is greater than interlaced and prog scan. I am just curious...it's really none of my business. http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

Wolfchild 03-20-00 06:29 AM

Lush, we purchased a 4:3 model because we still watch probably 75-80% 4:3 TV, and especially in this area I believe it will be a good while before broadcasts are predomenantly 16:9 HD. Also, it was a good amount of screen real estate for the money - when in 16:9 mode it equals out to about a 55" 16:9 model.

I leave my DVD player in 16:9 mode and turn the TV over to that mode when I play an anamorphic disc - so yes I can take advantage of the full resolution of an enhanced disc.

mostman 03-20-00 11:21 PM

How do you like that TV? And how much did it cost you? I am probably looking to get an HD set soon.

-Mike Ostman
My DVDS - Nope, I don't use dvdtracker.com!

Wolfchild 03-20-00 11:59 PM

The picture is beautiful - and we haven't even been able to pump an actual HD signal into it yet! But DVDs and Dish Network satellite look fantastic. This model will set you back about $3800-4100 depending on where you buy it. It's pretty expensive, but for a progressive-scan model that is this big it's a fair enough price - like I mentioned, in 16:9 mode it equals the screen area of a 55" 16:9 model.

Really either a 16:9 model or a 4:3 model is a compromise of one kind or another at this point while formats slowly change. I would probably rather have a 16:9 model if all I did was watch DVDs if only for the reason of not having to bother switching modes, but I've got to say watching 4:3 programming on this baby squishes a widescreen model like a grape! DVDs like Super Speedway and concert DVDs would have their image either cropped or shrunk quite a bit on a 16:9 TV. So it's really the best of both worlds to an extent, with a small bit of extra fiddling around to watch an anamorphic disc properly.

Chaka 03-22-00 03:41 PM

Steve F
I have the same TV set as you. Are you connecting the DVD player using the ColorStream?

humuhumupukapuka 01-29-01 10:03 PM

This is my first post on DVD talk.

I too have a Hitachi 60" Progressive scan model 61SDX88B and I was wondering how you "fiddled" with your tv set to do the anamorphic squeeze? Because as far as I knew, only the new Sony's were able to the anamorphic squeeze on a 4X3 screen via what they call "enhanced 16X9". I am really curious and excited to find out!

I tested out the 6109 on my Hitachi and it did make a sharper more detailed picture, but I did not feel that it was worth the ~$700 dollars it was going for back then.

- Joe

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