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KLH Speakers..good reviews..huh?Anyone?

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KLH Speakers..good reviews..huh?Anyone?

Old 01-20-01, 09:36 AM
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I need two large fronts, and just for kicks, decided to read what I thought would be people bashing KLH...instead I saw mostly over 4 ratings...

Now, I wouldn't trust my center or SW with KLH, but these reviews seem to say that they are better than Sony(Less complaints, etc..better reviews), the only knock being poor cabs.

Sound is said to be loud and pretty clear for the non-audiophile.

Now, should I grab a set of these Oak Mains for only $89?

I want to upgrade to Bose, or an equally 'High End' speaker set, but can't afford them till July.
Right now I have two small RCA 80 watters.

The room is 12 by 10, and it is for a bedroom.

The Sub will be the Sony, the Center..may keep the RCA, or go Yamaha.

Any opinion?
Will these be loud and relativly clear for a few months?

Old 01-20-01, 11:09 AM
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if you want a hardcore audiophile review, this isn't it (sorry). also don't know anything about the specific speaker you're talking about... just my experience with KLH.

i was on a pretty tight budget putting together my first real DD system last fall, so i bought speakers from amazon (largely with GCs) figuring that the $50 KLH pair of rears were nearly disposable, and if in a year i wanted to move the $100 pair of KLH fronts to the rear and get a new set of front speakers, it wouldn't be a big deal.

i have the HT set up in my living room, which is difficult to do because the room (really) only has 1 corner. two corners are hallways and one is my dining room, so i was worried about the accoustics a bit. this setup seems to work just fine.

so far i've been really surprised at how satisfied i really am with my system (KLH all around). the reference series 18 speakers produce great sound in my room, especially for their size. yes, i realize they're no match for $1000 speakers, but i'd stick with them before i bought bose. not bad low end on these, although i have a sub as well, and the sound isn't muddy like on some speakers i've heard.

the KLH center (525) really is a pretty great speaker, especially for only $75. well defined sound that works well with the rest of my system. i tried out a few cheaper and a few higher priced models, and this was my favorite out of all of them. forget the fact that it's plastic, just listen to it :>

i had been worried for the first few days that my surrounds (av-1001b) weren't adequate because i hardly heard anything out of them. after tweaking the receiver a bit and playing a few DTS DVDs, i can tell you that they work just fine. i'm not sure why so many DD DVDs seem to make such minimal use of the rears, and i don't want to open the DD vs. DTS can of worms... but these cheap little suckers are just fine for a while (or longer). watched princess mononoke last night and i think that movie used the surrounds more than any other DD track i've heard (or at least that pops into my head).

the KLH sub (10120) seems to be just fine, but i can't comment on it too much because when i crank it up, the neighbors complain almost immediately. consequently i set it pretty low. like everything else in my HT, it's hardly anything someone would consider putting in a $100,000 system... but if you're on a budget i don't think you can go wrong with any of this stuff.

i can't tell you anything other than to give stuff a try with your own ears. don't get too stuck on brand name... figure out what YOUR budget is and get what sounds the best for that $$.
Old 01-20-01, 02:22 PM
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I also have KLH all around. The KLH 525 center, the av1001b as satellites, and one of their 100 watt subwoofer. I'm not an audiophile, to me the sound quality is great and more than enough for my apartment. They're also attactive. I have had some problems though. My subwoofer had died and I received one of the satellites with a broken woofer. It happened right after I bought them so I was able to get replacements. The Best Buys around here carry KLH and have an exhibit you can listen to.

Old 01-20-01, 08:59 PM
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I think KLH just sells some cheap low end stuff that is a lot lower than other brands and they get a bad rap.

When I picked up my new reciever best buy had a deal where you got a free set of KLH speakers that usually run 90 bucks. They are basically small 100 watt satellites.

They produce clear sound but no bass, not surprising for their small size.

I think the best test would be to audition a pair and let your ears be the judge.
Old 01-21-01, 01:47 AM
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KLH does one thing. Sells cheap speakers. There aren't many if ANY other speaker companies that can compete in there price range. As far as quality goes it lacks as well. They will get the job done and get it done decently (no audible distortion of sound etc.) but the main problem with KLH's is. Once you learn/hear better, you'll never want to hear them again. We actually first started out with a KLH speaker package and I was impressed. I was getting sound from all over the place for less than $500 all around, including a sub. But then we went recevier shopping and heard better. Paradigm, NHT, Energy, etc. the difference was incredible. Now I'm to the point where I'd rather blow my entire speaker budget on a nice PAIR of speakers then comprimise for a surround system.

Anyhow, my suggestion is this: if you buy the KLH's never go demo anymore, be content with what you have and enjoy it. The second you start listening to more the more you'll want to spend.
Old 01-22-01, 01:36 AM
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Well I just got my first HT set up. Since I could barely afford a receiver as it was I had little money to spend on speakers right now. I ended up getting KLH all around figuring it might not be very good right now but once I could upgrade I could basically throw out the KLHs because they were so inexpensive.

Needless to say I'm actually quite surprised by the KLHs. My room is only about 12x12 but they do a good job. I have their 911B speakers as my fronts, the 9930 package for my center and surrounds, and their 8" 100W sub. The sub gives me more than enough bass with the gain only turned up 1/4 way. The speakers themselves seem more than adequate for movies although lack a little when playing music. My only complaint would be that the small satallites that I'm using as the surrounds don't hold up to the larger fronts. I should have gotten the same speakers for the fronts and the surrounds.

Considering I only paid $130 total for five speakers and the powered sub, I'm pretty happy with them.
Old 01-22-01, 01:46 AM
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To say KLH speakers are anything less than
abysmal, means you have not listened to their
competitors in the marketplace.

Just because you're on a tight budget, doesn't
mean you have to own awful speakers.

The Paradigm Atoms start at $150 street, and
for $250 street, a whole world of high quality
speaker options opens up.

Start here, then look in the yellow pages under
"Stereo" to find audio dealers (Best Buy
doesn't sell the good stuff).


(Assume a 20% discount from the list prices

Old 01-22-01, 02:59 AM
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quote:<HR>Originally posted by Weapon X:

Sound is said to be loud and pretty clear for the non-audiophile.

Now, should I grab a set of these Oak Mains for only $89?

I want to upgrade to Bose, or an equally 'High End' speaker set, but can't afford them till July.
Right now I have two small RCA 80 watters.

The only true test is to listen to them yourself. Also, Bose products are very overrated and you can do much better for the money.

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Old 01-23-01, 01:55 AM
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I agree with Michael that KLH are just horrible. Dont throw your money away on these things, they are not worth the box they come in. Dont be fooled by the size of the speakers either. I listened to these speakers at bestbuy and I can tell you that I have heard better sound come out of my AM radio alarm clock.

You can really find some decent speakers in your price range. There are some great deals online, just look around and maybe ask some people here.

When you want to upgrade, I would advise against Bose as well. They have some decent sound but are mainly market hype and way overpriced. Here are some good sounding brands that you should check out they make stuff from $150 up to $2000+, but you should find some good speakers whatever your pricerange:

Klipsch (my favorite)
Acoustic Research
Old 01-23-01, 01:59 AM
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I've owned KLH....for the money Id say they are very good
Old 01-23-01, 08:49 AM
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Well, I DID go listen to the KLH's with my own ears...I'll probably get tarred for this, but they sounded better than the JBL demo.

Maybe a bad hook-up on the JBL system?

I ended up with a run of luck that got me two Yamaha floors(Real nice, crisp sound, very slim), a Sony SS-CN490 Center(May exchange for Yamaha for sound continuity), the Sony Sub(Delivered next month), and two Yamaha satellites.

These speakers sound great, but I DID like the sound on the KLH..I just ran into an option where I paid $140 for the Yamahas, and couldn't resist.

The Sony center was free.
So were the sats.

Long story, but if I had to, I'd give KLH a chance.

The only other speakers that really 'impressed' me were the Paradigms. I liked the overall tone better than the CV's.

After messing with all of them, I'd say KLH is fine.

But for $30 more, the Yamaha is the better speaker.
Old 01-23-01, 10:13 AM
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I have klh speakers. To put it bluntly it's what i can afford and i'm ok with it.

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