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Old 01-20-01, 04:34 AM   #1
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$279 from

JBL NSP1 Northridge Surround Speaker Package


Energy Take 5

$349 from

radar city

SAWM40 - Sony Sub

Onkyo TX-DS575X



Does anyone know of any more good receivers around the $300-$400, that match the speakers I've mentioned. I know the sub is kick butt, but are there better speaker packages then these two for around $400.

I've tried the home theater in a box from kenwood, but it has a lousy center speaker, and it's lacking in sound.

I have all the cables, player, and tools. Radio shack meter, and avia dvd disk.

I just need some feedback if energy take 5 or JBL northridge speakers, sony sub, and the onkyo receiver will match up well, and won't sound weird together, or if there's a better way to spend $800 or less.

I'm looking to spend $300-$370 on speakers, $300-$400 on reciever, and the sub I've decided on already. It's that sub everyone is loving right now, The sony SAWM40.

Im using to get these low prices for these items.

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Old 01-22-01, 11:11 AM   #2
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i'm surprised noone replied to you on this.

Persoanlly, I would go with the Energy package before I would go with the JBL. JBL sound is always muted, never clean. The Energy's are a great speaker in that range.

Your choice of a receiver is a good one. I like Onkyos. I, personally would get a Yamaha in that range. The Yamaha 596 is a great receiver in that price range. I have the Yamaha and its awesome. Yamaha has a bit of a cult following though. Yamaha is a great HT (probable the best) receiver in that range. But Onkyo isnt a bad choice either.

Any combo of the Energy/Yamaha-Onkyo/Sony sub is good.

Just stay away from the JBLs.
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