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thetao 11-05-19 04:04 PM

Insignia TV closed caption decoding?
I was recently struggling with my parents' Insignia NS-28D310NA15 TV, trying to make it display closed captions from DVD. I figured that adding a component video/audio cable (5 connectors) between the Blu-Ray player and TV would do the job, but no. I power cycled the TV, enabled closed captions with the input in "TV" mode, etc., but upon switching to any other input, the closed caption options are disabled both in the menu and on screen. A phone chat with Best Buy this afternoon confirmed it. As this TV is a few years old, I am a curious if current and larger/fancier Insignia TV's still have this limitation?

cseyer 11-05-19 05:47 PM

Re: Insignia TV closed caption decoding?
Not sure I do know that it’s a problem for HD you need to used the analog rca connection on most DVD players to send and then the tv should accept them. Not sure about insignia TVs but would try the three analog connection if the tv even supports that. Subtitles an option?

Alan Smithee 11-10-19 12:10 AM

Re: Insignia TV closed caption decoding?
Not all TVs take captions through the component inputs, and on those that do the player has to be set to 480i. If it's 480p or a higher resolution they won't go through.

Newer players with only HDMI outputs have internal closed caption decoders, which is a big relief.

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