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4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

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4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

Old 03-02-19, 05:47 PM
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4K Blu-Ray player cropping some old full-frame DVDs

My current Samsung HDTV, which happens to also be 4k, if that matters, is cropping some old 1.33:1 full frame DVDs. The TV is a UHD TV 7 Series.

I'm very particular about my settings and have always made sure my tvs and Blu-ray players were not zooming or cropping aspect ratios.

This did not happen with my previous Samsung tv, which was 3D and not 4k.

I've always used Sony blu-ray players and this did not happen with my previous 3D player from them. The current Sony player I'm using is not 4k but is a 4k UHD Upscale 3D player. I don't currently have it set up to upconvert to 4K though. But DVDs are up converting to HD. The model, based on the manual, is either BDP-S6700 or BX670.

It's random, but a title that crops will always crop and vice versa. For example, I'm watching a Mill Creek Charlie's Angel's 1.33:1 full frame disc and the ratio is correct. But if I put in a Charlie Chaplin DVD from Warner Bros it crops. The Melody time DVD from Disney crops, but the Make Mine Music DVD from Disney -- released the same day -- plays correctly in 1.33:1 Full Frame.

If I play with the display on the TV to switch to 4:3 on one of these, it just stretches the already cropped picture vertically.

If I mess with the blu-ray settings nothing I've found helps either. It'll just stretch things vertically too, but I can't find a way to get the top and bottom of the picture back in those cases.

Playing the affected discs on an old portable RCA blu-ray player shows them correctly in the 1.33:1 full frame ratio.

This is only happening with DVDs and not any blu-rays that I've found.

Any suggestions?

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Old 03-02-19, 08:56 PM
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Re: 4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

Some non-anamorphic DVDs seem to be flagged somehow to automatically “zoom” when they’re being played to a widescreen set.

I have a couple like that: Halloween H20 and Scream: CE, both early Miramax titles with non-anamorphic 2.35:1 transfers. When played, they both get zoomed in on my HDTV. Sounds like something similar is happening with your DVDs, like there’s a setting somewhere in the chain, either your discs, your player, or your tv, that’s tripping the zoom function.

It’s possible that some of your DVDs were improperly flagged in the mastering; something with a standard unletterboxed 4:3 image shouldn’t be flagged to zoom. (I am assuming that the Charlie Chaplin and Melody Time DVDs are in the 4:3 academy ratio and not letterboxed.)
Old 03-02-19, 09:20 PM
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Re: 4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

I just realized my old RCA portable player has an hdmi output plug, so I switched the hdmi cable from my regular Blu-ray player to my portable one. The affected discs I have now played that way are not zooming.

It has to be something with the blu-ray player. However, the fact that it does not do this with every DVD or is even consistant with specific companies is annoying. Maybe it is a combination of the player and some kind of coding on the discs.

I know there would have been no reason back in the days of non-hd tvs to ever anamorphically enhance 1.33:1 prints, but do you think if somebody mastering those discs marked them that way, some players would read them as widescreen and there's nothing that will stop them from doing it?
Old 03-13-19, 08:41 PM
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Re: 4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

On your Blu-ray player, in the Screen Settings (page 29 of the manual), make sure you have TV Type set to "16:9", Screen Format to "Normal" and DVD Aspect Ratio to "Letter Box".

On your Samsung TV, make sure you've set the screen size to "Just Scan" or "Fit to Screen". This setting can usually be set on a per-input basis, so even if you've done it for, say, your DVR, you may still need to do it for the HDMI input your Blu-ray player is plugged into.
Old 03-16-19, 02:49 PM
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Re: 4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

My settings already match those but the problem persist with specific discs. Also, when I hook up my portable RCA blu-ray/dvd player to the same tv, those same discs play correctly. I even use the same hdmi cable and port on my tv. I use pull the cable out of the Sony blu-ray player and put it in the RCA one.

I've also noticed that it's not exactly a standard zoom in because it's not centered. It's primarily cropping off the bottom of the frame.

It's a bizarre problem that I am leaning towards blaming on disc programming or encoding that most player ignore and this player is bound by.

I do appreciate the input and attempt to help though.
Old 03-21-19, 12:06 AM
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Re: 4K TV cropping some old full-frame DVDs

Pictures might help. I can't quite get what's going on.

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