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seven11 12-26-00 03:46 AM

Hey everyone,

Just got a Pioneer dv333 and was wondering if any of you have encountered any "tracking" problems with certain DVDs (mainly, Fantasia 2000). I'm pretty new to DVD, so I'm not sure what causes this - could it be a bad disc or something? It's almost like watching a VHS movie on a bad VHS tape where the picture jumps about. Oddly enough, this doesn't happen in widescreen mode (only in the default "full screen" mode). What would cause the picture to jump around like this? Is this a normal occurance for some DVDs, do I have a bad disc or is there something wrong or a setting that I have to switch on/off with my dv333? Very confused, any help, input or advice would be much appreciated. I looked at the surface of the disc and it seems fine to me, but then again I just may not be seeing some sort of defect. Odd how it's just fine in widescreen...audio is fine too.


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