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tripleeric1 12-20-00 01:47 PM

Does anyone know where I can find a *cheap* RF modulator so I can hook up my DVD player to an older TV? Or if there is some other way to hook it up?

weargle 12-20-00 01:55 PM

Radio Shack has them for about $20. That's pretty much as cheap as they come, plus, if you have surround sound capabilities in your receiver, you can connect just the yellow (video) cable to the RF converter, and the red and white cables to the receiver. I used to do this until I got the big daddy.

ANDREMIKE 12-20-00 03:27 PM

If you have an old VCR to go with that TV then hook it up through there. That what I did. If the vcr is old enough macrovision will not work. My vcr is about 8 years old.


tripleeric1 12-20-00 04:57 PM

Thanks guys!!! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif I'll probably end up just going to Radio Shack and getting one. The DVD player is for my room.

BadAsh 12-21-00 09:18 AM

Try GE's Video F to RCA Convertor. It was made specifically for hooking up a DVD Player to an older TV. Unlike most of the other RF Modulators out there (including Radio Shack) this one has Stereo RCA Audio Inputs. With those ones you find at Radio Shack and Wal-Mart you will have to buy a Y-Adapter to split the two RCA Audio plugs into one Mono plug.

Check it out:

http://www.comtra d.com/cfusion/template/makepage.cfm?prod_name=Video_F_to_RCA_Convertor&site=85001&branch=unshocked&category=0&product_base_ id=354&sourceid=0

Its $39.95 but I feel it is very much worth it in comparison to what you will find at Radio Shack.

Good luck!

EDIT: I just checked and it appears if you wait for a while on any screen at the site a Special Promotions offer will popup. I haven't followed it through because it involves a live chat with a CSR (or you can call). This might save you some money and make the GE model more affordable.

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Heat 12-22-00 01:07 AM

If you are using an older TV, chances are it is 19". Take this with a grain of salt, but if you can afford DVDs, your first move should be to buy a new TV, minimum 27". You will automatically save $40 by not having to buy an RF modulator, your new TV *should* have component inputs, and you can buy a nice 27" for about $350. Plus, if you get a "12 months same as cash" deal, you can spread out the payments without paying interest.

I know that this is not the answer you were looking for, but this is what I did when I was in your posistion two months ago and I love my new TV.

BadAsh 12-22-00 11:39 AM

That isn't necessarily true. I know plenty of people who have 27" TVs that only have the standard coax input. Yeah, they are old but still out there. Heck, one of my best friends had to buy an RF Modulator to hook up his DVD player to a 25" TV.

Some people can't afford to buy both a DVD Player and a new TV at the same time. A $30 fix will tide them over until later.

Until then, enjoy your DVD Player.

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