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bfuerst 12-15-00 04:44 PM

So I've been reading as much as I can about Progressive scan DVD players and from one source (January-February E-gear magazine reviewing the Toshiba SD-6200) I find that even though DVD's are progressive when made that due to copy protection concerns progressive scan players are unable to show the format in the non-interlaced format. Why? I thought that Macrovision kept people from copying DVD's. If you ask me I think that the Movie industry is the biggest obstacle for DTV or high definition DVD ever replacing todayís line doubled 480i format. So does anyone know why the movie industry will not let DVD makers create a player that will show a DVD in itís original format? Iím not an electronics engineer or anything but itís my guess that if DVD makers did not have to create players that interlaced the signal then turn around and make it non-interlaced again that progressive scan DVD player would be cheaper and better. Also does anyone know who I can write to get this crazy law/rule or what ever you call it changed.

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