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Lord Kimbo 12-10-00 08:00 PM

Anyone have any problems to report? I am in the market for it and have read good things .. but the odd post says it runs HOT and is LOUD (when playing) and the odd movies doesn't work in it! WTF!?


pumpkinhead76 12-10-00 09:57 PM

I think this needs to go in the home theater forum....

Kenwood 12-10-00 11:34 PM

Moving to Hardware Forum

mgursel 12-11-00 08:41 AM

I got this player to match w/ my Wega TV and I've had no problems with it whatsoever. I've read so many times in the forum about how people are having problems with certain DVDs that won't work on their player. I have over 100 movies and they all work and look great. As far as the loudness goes, I really can't say since I have it in a cabinet and I watch my movies loud.

Jebadia 12-11-00 03:55 PM

I too have this dvd player. I bought it just about a month ago and have had no real trouble. I had heard about the player being loud and making whining noises when playing certain discs but i decided to take the chance. The first DVD (The Matrix) that I stuck in it did give me a loud whine for about ten minutes but since then I have never heard anything else from it even on subsiquent viewings of The Matrix.
There are so many option with this player that I would highly recommend that you read the manual when you buy the player and then again in about a month. Also, I would recommend that you buy other cables for the player. The ones that come with it will do but if you want real quality I would go with after market cables.
Guess those are all the pearls of wisdom I have. Enjoy!


Lord Kimbo 12-11-00 09:11 PM

Cool. Thanks for the replies so far.

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