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TV power cord in wall?

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TV power cord in wall?

is it true that this is forbodden to do nowadays? you can't run power cables and HDMI through a wall because of a fire hazard?

something i heard...wanted to confirm.

thanks for speedy responses...
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Re: TV power cord in wall?

I don't see how a hdmi cable could pose a fire hazard as it is a low voltage cable. My cousin had a new house built and they run multiple hdmi and other av/data cables through the wall. A power cord could become a fire hazard though.
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Re: TV power cord in wall?

All cords are fire hazards. If their materials burn too easily, once there is already a fire, cords will spread it faster. It's not just about starting fires. The NEC has ratings for wire for in-wall usage, and even stricter for in-plenum usage. (hopefully your cousin used appropriate wire) For electric, there are no "cords" rated for in-wall, you have to use actual romex. So, the solution is to run romex to your location, with a proper electrical box and outlet, and keep all cords outside the wall. Assuming it's a flat-screen up on a wall and you want a clean look, coil the cords to hang out of sight behind the TV.

Not trying to sell this company, but they have a nice synopsis: http://www.powerbridgesolution.com/i...rdwarning.html

That said, I have lights above my drop ceiling, and the projector, with cords and extension cords run to them. Don't tell the NEC! I also have CAT5, HDMI, and other low voltage wire in-wall in various locations, but that is all CL3 rated for in-wall. Pretty much all coax is CL3, since it is mostly run in-wall by design.

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Re: TV power cord in wall?

I'll tell Mom you hide wires.
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Re: TV power cord in wall?

They make in-wall HDMI cable for this reason.

Power cords haven't been "allowed" in walls for a long time, just daisy chain off one power outlet with romex or similar and install a new power outlet behind the TV.

And install one of these behind your TV (or similar):

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Re: TV power cord in wall?

guy is here now, installing, and from what i can tell is doing a phenomenal job! everything through wall (for now). only way to do it with what i have setup in mancave.

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