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Car power adapter for Panasonic portable DVD player?

Old 09-06-00, 02:18 AM
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Well, I know it's not home theater (unless I'm hooking it up to my tv) but I wanted to know what kind of power adapter people were using to power their Panasonic Palm theaters in their cars/vans. I have the DVD-L50. Thanks all!- BW
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Old 09-06-00, 04:50 PM
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There was a post about 6 months ago that said you actually shouldn't connect your portable player to the cigarette lighter, but we have done it and it's been just fine. The other post implied that others have done this as well, but it seemed people were recommending the more expensive adapter.

We used the more expensive ($150 range) AC Adapter from Radio Shack that has a cigarette lighter end to use in the car. I've also successfully used it on an airplane with "EmPower" connections. We bought a cable that has EmPower on one end and an open-ended cigarette lighter type connection on the other. The airline was United if you care.

Good luck!
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Old 09-06-00, 05:03 PM
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I put a power converter in my car so I can plug my portable DVD player in along with other things. It cost $40 from Target I think and works great!
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Old 09-06-00, 05:10 PM
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Thank you both for replying to my post, and to anyone else who posts their advice. In the manual it states not to use the cigarette lighter. My car has a separate outlet for electronic devices and it recommends that any electronic be powered by this outlet and not the cigarette lighter. There must be some problem with the cigarette lighter outlet and it's instability in power output. I'll try both your ideas and see which one works best for me. bsteinin: your right, that is expensive, but for a $700 investment, it may be worth it.

Thanks again!
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Old 09-07-00, 12:58 AM
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ECydeDave: Do the Power converters (Im assuming the DC-AC convertor, is it PortaWattz?) drain the battery of the car??? Coz I dont understand how a small car battery can power a full 27" computer without draining the car's battery...

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I've never hooked up a "27" computer" so I wouldn't know! LOL I've been running my DVD player and Playstation in my car for almost a year now and have NOT had any battery problems so far (knock on wood)
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Wal-Mart sells a PowerLine brand car adapter that works great and sells for around $30. It has a regulated power supply so you won't get any sudden drop-outs or power surges. I've been using it for my L50 for quite awhile.

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