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Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

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Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

I have been thinking about getting a Hard Disk recorder for TV/Cable for a while. Finally took the plunge and did it. It is simply great. Thought I would share my experience.

There are three models with 1TB, 500GB and 320 GB models. I bought the 1TB model


Some highlights
1. It can record directly from cable ( has QAM and ATSC tuner )
2. It will pass through 1080p signal ( even when turned off ) so you can watch TV alone without the device turned on.
3. HDMI output and will up convert.. (also has S-video input/output. DV input.
4. Widescreen recording
5. 1TB will record anywhere from 200 to 1200 hours. I have chosen 400 hours recording.
6. You can record in 480p format (no 1080p) and will up convert to 1080p while playing but trust me the quality is very good.
7. Setting is very easy and setting up timer also very easy.
8. Chase play watch the program while it is being recorded great for watching Football.

9. For TV viewing
a. You can record one channel while watching another channel
b. When you watch TV through DVR it will continuously record so you can pause live TV, rewind etc.

10. Other features that work but I have not tried
a. Edit recorded material (commercials etc.)
b. Copy from HDD to included DVD recorder
c. Record off streaming device like Roku etc.

AVS forum has over 800 pages someday I might go through those pages . But Thought I would give this brief summary of my experience since I had these question before I bought mine.

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Re: Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

It's 2014. If it doesn't record in HD, what's the point?

For $39 less (but you need to add your own external hard drive) you can get the Channel Master DVR+. It doesn't record from cable, but if you have cable or satellite you're probably better off with a DVR built into the receiver.

The Channel Master records in HD, has two tuners for recording two shows at the same time or watching one show while recording another, and makes storage capacity a non-issue. Guide data is free and downloads automatically from the Internet.

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Re: Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

Originally Posted by Mr. Salty View Post
It's 2013.
No, it's really not.

But yeah, I'd be all over this if there was a hi def Blu Ray version. But DVD's and 480p? No thanks.
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Re: Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

Most of the programming I watch (WETA-UK, MHz Network) is broadcast in 480i so it doesn't matter much to me. I'm still watching TV like it's 1999, and have been cable-free since 1985. I have 3 of the Maggies/Funais (the 2160A, 513 and 533, all refurbs) but have been following the Channel Master DVR+ thread these past few months with interest - was considering a fourth Maggie before they disappeared for good. Figured it might be time to wean myself off burning DVDs. Problem is, the only HDMI capable TV I have, a gift, has been sitting unopened for a year in my hallway. But I've been tempted to get a smaller set to hook up to the CM.

9. For TV viewing
a. You can record one channel while watching another channel
You can only watch a previously recorded program while recording.

With the CM, I'd miss not being able to edit out commercials before viewing. I do like storing on swappable HDDs [edit: Nevermind, I was thinking of the new Philips/Magnavox]but I wonder what happens after reaching the limit to 8(?).

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Re: Magnavox DVR - No fee - Amazing

Originally Posted by Eddie W View Post
No, it's really not.
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