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AndyTate 11-11-00 06:50 AM

Hi there,

I've got a Sony DB-930 receiver (DD & DTS decoders built in) and a Sony K808D DVD player. The DVD is hooked up to the receiver via fibre optic line and the 5.1 works just fine. My question is about DTS. I've tried two separate discs with DTS and when I choose the DTS setup, it shows the DTS 30-second promo with the piano; I get no sound at all for most of the 30 seconds and the receiver's DTS does not light up. When I tell the DVD to go back to 5.1 DD setup, the movie soundtrack (but not, of course, the DTS film) plays just fine.

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated (i.e. does my DVD player not spit out the DTS signal for the receiver to decode so that I need to buy a new DVD player???).

Thanks a bunch!


Alan UK 11-11-00 08:25 AM

Check your output settings on your DVD player...I have a Pioneer 717 and I have to turn DTS on.

SirPablo 11-11-00 09:19 AM

I believe you have to have your audio output set to Bit Stream or PCM, I forget which one. Try both, see which one works. Should be in your DVD playas menu options.

electronix_kid 11-11-00 12:32 PM

Try going into the audio setup menu, and see if there is a 'DTS' option, or a 'BitStream' option. I hear a few players you have to select either Dolby Digital or DTS out.

AndyTate 11-11-00 12:58 PM

The DVD player gives me three choices:


Dolby Digital/PCM gives me Dolby 5.1 no problem. I don't see any DTS-specific stuff on the player though (the decoder is in the receiver / amplifier). Do I have to have a DTS DVD player AS WELL AS the decoder in the amplifier??? That is to say, when I ask for DTS (in the DVD disk [not player] setup screen, my AutoAudioDetect feature in the Amplifier gives me Dolby ProLogic and nothing I do persuades it otherwise...

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SirPablo:
I believe you have to have your audio output set to Bit Stream or PCM, I forget which one. Try both, see which one works. Should be in your DVD playas menu options.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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cloud 11-11-00 01:05 PM

You have to have a DVD player that at least outputs the DTS signal if not decode it. Since your receiver has the decoding capability, I would suggest you double check to see if your DVD player is DTS compatible. The first thing to do is to see if you have a DTS logo on the front of your player. If you don't, then it does not have DTS capability. It sounds like you have a European DVD player which I am not familiar with. Maybe, someone else has the same player and clear this up. I have a feeling your DVD player is only able to output a DD bitstream.



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