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$4000 Budget - Receiver, Speakers?

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I've budgeted myself $4000 to spend on my speakers and receivers for my new home theater. It's for a small room. I'm leaning towards Klipsch towers and surrounds, and a Cerwin Vega sub. As far as a receiver goes, however, I have mixed feelings as to whether to invest in a lower end Yamaha $500 model that I could get a discount on at Best Buy, or go all out for one of the higher end Pioneers. Also, outside of this $4000 Budget for the speakers and receiver, I've set aside about $4000 for a 16:9 television. Preferrably, I'd like to pick up a model on sale at Best Buy so I can get my discount and pick up a higher end model for the price. However, I'm also looking for suggestions on what a good 16:9 that would last me at LEAST 10 years without making me ache for an upgrade would have me paying in about 6 months. Any recommendations on anything would be helpful. I've been running on a 20" Quasar with 4 bose bookshelf surrounds purchased separately, a bose center chan, a no name sub, and a 1996 sony receiver without DTS. Almost ANYTHING is an improvement right now.


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I have a Paradigm PW2500 sub... that thing is major overkill if you're willing to shell out the money... it cost me 1000$ Cdn, but it'll rumble your house to the ground. At 36Kg, the thing'll never get stolen and for some reason, mine now serves as a coffee table.

To add to that, I completed my system with a Denon AVR3200 receiver, Paradigm Monitor 7's, Paradigm CC-170 center and Technics crap as surround (which should change to Paradigm's when I get around to buying some). Added a Sony C650D DVD player and I couldn't be more happy with the sound it produces, for DVD's or harassing the neighbors. With the decent surround speakers, it would come to 5000$ Cdn so in your range.

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If you decide to stay in the lower price receiver bracket, I'd highly recommend you look at some brands other than Yamaha. I was sold on Yamaha as well because they put out a fairly decent product for the price and can often be found on discount, but once I heard some other stuff (Marantz, Denon), I was really taken aback. I ended up with an Marantz sr-7000 for about $600 and could not be happier. I would have been almost as content with the less expensive 5000 model. There really isn't a better receiver available for music and HT combo, and I'd even pair it up against some much more expensive receivers. As for the Pioneers, I don't have much experience with them, but I've never been a fan...

Good luck.
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To start with I have to tell you not to buy anything at Besy Buy. They do offer a few good products but are way overpriced. Klipsch are good speakers but there are a few other brands that I would recommend over them. For speakers I really like Paradigm and NHT. It will be hard for you to find Paradigm speakers if you are in the states, but they put out excellent speakers. The NHT's are also great speakers. They are very inefficient but this shouldn't be a problem for you since you have the money for a decent reciever. A few brands I would consider for a reciever would be Onkyo, Marantz, and Denon. I would say any of these brands offer great recievers near the $1000 mark. In your price range I would throw out the idea of buying any Cerwin Vega subs since you can afford way betrer. When it comes to subs I would reccomend looking into Velodyne or Paradigm. There are a few other small companies out there that offer some great subs too. Check out posts from previous thread on these smaller companies. If I were you I would set aside around $1000 for a reciever, $500 for a sub, and $2500 for speakers. Since you are spending a pretty large sum of cash on this equipment I would highly suggest going to your nearest HT store and auditioning every speaker and reciever you are considering and then decide for yourself. Only then will you know what is best for you.
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Go to a true auio store and take a look at these brands:
For receivers: Marantz, Denon, Outlaw, Onkyo, ADA, B&K
For speakers: B&W, Paradigm, Definitive Technology, NHT.
DEFINITELY look at Velodyne for your sub. They are awesome for the $.

If you tell them your budget, they'll work with you to configure an optimal system.

Have fun shopping!

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The new Toshiba 56H80 should be on your short list. I'm sure you can get the 56H80 for $4000 or less, and Best Buy does carry the Tosh widescreens. I have the 56X81 and love it. Hook up a DVD progressive scan DVD player and you'll be in heaven.

I'd also try to take a look at the the new Sony 16x9 sets that are coming out. They're going to be reasonably priced and would be worth a look.

Sorry, but I doubt you'll be satisfied with any set for 10 years. Think back to 1990 and how much things have changed. Would you still be satisfied with a bigscreen set you had bought back then? I'd say no way.

You will get a lot of enjoyment out of a good home theater setup. I've never regretted buying my Tosh 56X81 for one second. Go ahead and buy the best you can afford and enjoy it.

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With that amount of money I can make a great suggestion. For speakers I would go with the Monitor Audio Full Metal Theater 5 surround setup with ASW 110 subwoofer, silver 5i mains, silver 3i monitors for surrounds and the silver center for center. Total package price is about $2200 at www.tatumelectronics.com. Although if I were purchasing this setup I would ask to be bumped up to the ASW210 subwoofer which should only be maybe an extra $200 even though the 110 will make due and sound excellant the 210 will make a better home theater subwoofer.

As for a receiver. Right now Denon and Marantz are making the best home theater gear out there. Here's the choices I'd consider (any would suffice).

Denon 4800 - THX Ultra EX Pricessing (DTS, DD also) - $1497 @ Tatum
Denon 3801 - All the goodies of the 4800 with no THX - $863.23 @ Tatum

All have plenty of power for the Monitor's and I've actually had the opportunity to hear them on the Denon's and they're a great match. Here's some Marantz choices.

Marantz SR-8000 - DD, DTS and probably some of the best HT/Music amps ever. I love marantz and use it myself. Also comes with teh RC2000MkII (best remote ever.) - $1029 @ Tatum
Marantz SR-7000 - DD, DTS, just a little less power and features than the 8000. Still a great buy especially at $749 @Tatum
Marantz SR-19 - THX Select (Small room certified THX) with DD, DTS RC 2000 Mk II. Adds abot 15 Watts per channel over the 8000 plus THX post processing. Beautiful receiver. - $1399 @Tatum (My First Choice)
Marantz SR-14EX - THX Ultra, DD, DTS, DD-EX Etc, etc. The FLAGSHIP! Comes with the RC 5000 (Phillips Pronto Remote) and just about anything you'll ever need. Probably the last reciever anyone will ever need. But you'll pay for it at $3699 @ Tatum (Way too much for now, wait 6 months on this one).

Also, if you like the idea of going THX then the Atlantic Technologys 350 System is a great buy over at www.onecall.com with all teh pedistal and 2 subs I think it comes out to about $2500 (less but I'm being conservative). Excellant buy at this price, personally I think the Monitor Audios are more musical though. But that's what you get from full range fronts where as almost all THX certified speakers have to be cut off at 80 hz to pass certification. Anyhow, Good luck on the system. If you want more advice just e-mail me.

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some great suggestions above (I agree that Denon and Marantz are making the best HT/music all around units). I personally have a Marantz SR-8000 and love it. Amazing remote too...for just over 1K it's a great all around unit.

I have mine paired with NHT speakers. I have the satellite type due to space restrictions, but they have other great stuff too. The speakers mentioned by others are pretty much all good options depending on your likes/dislikes.

For subs, I love my Velodyne and have heard great things about HSU. Make sure your sub matches well with your other speakers.

Just because you have that budget, you do not NEED to spend it all. You are in an area where you will get an awesome system. Just make sure it's the best to your own ears.
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B&W 605 S2 Main speakers: $2200
B&W LCR6 S2 Center speaker $500
B&W DS6 S2 Surround speakers: $600
Marantz SR 7000 AV Receiver: $800

These are list prices, you should be able to do better.

The B&W 605s have a 130 watt active bass section with extension to 25Hz. With this setup you don't need a subwoofer although you could add one if you wanted. If you do that then you can setup the 605s for fast tight bass on music, and run the sub a bit hotter for the really big theater effect.

For a dual music/theater system, this is really hard to beat.
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Some recommendations of mine would be the Denon AVR-3801 receiver. This receiver has DTS ES discrete/matrix, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital 6.1 matrixing, DTS: Neo 6.1 which converts a 2 channel into 6.1 (good for music), 105 watts per channel, component video in/out which can output a progressive image (480p), s-video out, composite, etc. If you want any more info, just goto Denons website at www.denon.com . For speakers I would recommend ENERGY speakers. You might want to check out their new line of speakers the Veritas. The E:XL series is a good line of speakers too. Also, they have some awesome subs which can go to about 20hz. If you want to check on prices or anything else, go to www.energy-speakers.com . They are upgrading their website now and adding the new Veritas line so in a few days you should be able to check out the details on the Veritas or any other line of their speakers. If you get a new DVD player, I heard that the Toshiba 6200 Progressive Scan DVD player is a good one, or the Pioneer Elite DV-37 Progressive Scan DVD player. Now for an 16:9 HDTV, my uncle who sells electonics and works with dozens of brands has told me that the Mitsubishi's are one of the best for price/performance. I think you should look into those. They have three lines of HDTV, the Platinum Series, The Platinum Plus Series, and the Diamond Series. The only difference between the Platinum and Platinum Plus is that the Platinum Plus series has a VGA input. But all in all all the Mitsubishi's are great HDTV's. Well, hope this helps and Good Luck.
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whatever you do, do NOT buy from tatumelectronics.com. if you don't know why already, don't worry about it. just don't do it unless you want to give away your $4000.
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Ahh, being the poor law student, I've done much drooling but nothing bought...though, I'd check out the Hsu subs(~$1000 for woofer and preamp) if you don't mind not getting a coffee table and getting, instead, a smoke stack. audioreview.com.

Check out NAD, too. Your British understated design.

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Hmm, I've heard a lot of things about Tatum, but none of them was ever that you were throwing away your money. They ARE a reputible dealer and they do ship the products they advertise and sell the only set backs I've heard (I haven't personally purcahsed from them) are that they bill right away (even if the product hasn't been shipped) and they are slow, it may take a whole month to get your purchase. I understand that both of these are due to the way they process orders. They way they work is they take your order and use the money you put up to purchase the speaker or product from their distributor and then send it to you. Which is why it takes longer, but at 25%-40% off retail as an average? I can handle that, then again I also shop for a long time before I purchase anything and this is also why I don't mind waiting the extra couple weeks. That's what I've heard anyhow...

If you've had a bad experience with them or they ripped you off PLEASE let me know because I am considering taking advantage of some of their dirt cheap prices on gear. Thanks.
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Go with Sr-8000 marantz and NHT - I am extremely happy and all due to excellent advice given here - marantz all the way!
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I got the Marantz SR-7000 and NHT VT1.4 speakers with appropriate center, rears, and sub. Have been very satisfied, and this comes close to your budget numbers.
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I suggest the new Denon 3801 plus the NHT 1.4 system. Definitely within your budget and you get component video switching plus 6.1 surround.
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1) I agree with the recommendatons for NHT
and Paradigm. Look in the yellow pages under
"Stereo" to locate a dealer who sells these
models -- Best Buy doesn't sell them (and if
they did, they would likely be poorly set up).

2) Read all about Tatum, and most other
audio mailorder companies here:

3) 99% of quality audio manufacturers do not
sell their lines via mailorder, so all such
sales void the warranty, which brings you
back to step 1.

Good luck, and bring your own CDs to
listen, never let the sales schlep play from
his library, bring your own music.

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