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Your total system cost ?

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I live in the UK and it looks like you guys get pretty much cheaper everything, so how much is your entire system worth?

I've got:

Linn Genki, Majik and Keilidhs, Tosh 2109 Multireg DVD, old Mordaunt Short Decoder One Pro-logic decoder, VCR, Loewe 4:3 TV (secondhand) for about 4k English, so 5200 USD ??

Would you spend more if you had more, where do you think the line should be drawn (before 1000 dollar interconnects for example?).

Free CDR's
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I don't want to add it up....
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I have a Marantz 8000--$800, PSB SubSonic6--$400, Pair of PSB 5T--$450, Pair of PSB 2B $0,(free demos!), PSB 8C--$215 and a 36" Toshiba $850 (Cinema Series but not HD/Dig, Toshiba DVD--$150. Also got a box of speaker wire and a nice co-axial throw in.

BTW I got these prices because I 'directed' a lot of business in the shop owner's direction.

I believe the total is under $3000 including tax and delivery and I am extremely happy!
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Toshiba sd1200----$219
Sony strde585( i thinks thats the model)$250
Toshiba TN50X81 HDTV ready RPTV---$2100
Sony Speakers ( not the greatest but they still sound pretty good)----$200.
JBL powered sub 100w $300
Monster Cable interconnects $200
Grand total----$3369.

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I just moved and I needed to sell most of the main HT components and speakers , but here is what I have left from the more compact bedroom system(except the tv).

These are the prices I paid and not list prices:

Mitsubishi 40503 40" tube TV w/stand= $1200
3 Pair Paradigm Atoms= $125/pr
2 Passive 12" subs= $200/pr
Toshiba SD-6109C= $293
Panasonic C-220 5 disc DVD= $235
Proton AA-2080 Dual Mono (Sub)Amp= $300
20 ft Nordost Flat Line(mains)= $30
50 ft Monster Cable(rears and center)= $17
2 Lovan speaker stands= $75

Total= $2475

Approx. list price= $6300

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OK, here goes:

Toshiba CZ27V51 TV - $245 (retail price $399)
Toshiba DVD player - $230 when I bought it
Sony DB840 Receiver - 475
Infinity RS3's - 230 pair
Infinity BU-120 sub - 165
Infinity US1's - 140 pair
Infinity CC1 - 145
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I don't want to depress you further simon, but $4k in GBP is appx $6K USD ( exchange rate is hovering around 1.50 and we are around the lowest it has been in a long while...
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I am always upgrading,but here is what I have now.

Denon AVR-4800 $1999.00 (using as a pre/pro)
Sherbourn 5/1500 $1750.00 (300 watts by 5 into 4ohms)
Sony DVP-S3000 $599.00
Pioneer DV-333 $300.00
Audiosource AMP 1 $300.00
Clark Synthesis 229`s 2- pairs $600.00
Legacy Classic`s $2695.00 (mains)
Legacy Silver Screen $1295.00 (center)
Definitive BPX $900.00 (rears)soon to be another pair added.
Mirage BPS-400 $1300.00 (sub)
RCA 56inch TV $2100.00 (soon to be replaced)
Audioquest,Monster cables $800.00

Total without other extra`s $14,338.00
Check out this link www.legacy-audio.com

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I got seriously into home theater starting in June of 99. Counting the equipment that I have replace, here it all is with prices, all purchased in one year.

RCA DVD player $349
Aiwa AVD 75 DD receiver with speakers and sub $500
Hitachi Ultravision RPTV $2000
Dishplayer Dish Network satellite receiver with DD output $200
Panasonic hi fi VCR $120
Then, I replace my receiver.
Denon avr 3300 $900
Then, I replaced my speakers.
Paradigm CC350 $325
Paradigm Moniter 7s $600
Paradigm Mini moniters $325
Paradigm PS1200 sub $600
JVC XMV555k DVD player $349
I think that is everything. Not counting all of my DVDs of course. I think I have around 140. These prices are not exact, because I cannot remember precisely what they were, but they are at least close. I do think I paid somewhat less for my speakers, but these prices are close to average retail I think.
Total: $6950 approximately. I did not realize it was that high until now! Equipment that I replaced went to my bedroom, so at least Im still getting some use out of it.
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If I had half the money Vlad spent on his system

I spent very little but have expensive stuff. If I had to pay my system would be cheap.
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I've spent quite a bit over the years. If I
just count the equipment I'm currently using
and what I actually paid for it, it would run
somewhere in the $7000 - $8000 range.
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DVD Player: Toshiba SD-3109 ($500 $360)
Hi-Fi VCR: Panasonic PV-8661 ($230 $180)
Monitor: Mitsubishi CS-40809 ($4,000 $3,000)
Pre/Pro: Sherwood AVP-9080R ($1,200 $800
Amplifiers: Harman/Kardon PA5800 ($2,000 $700)
Fronts: PSB Stratus Goldi ($2600 $1700)
Center Channel: PSB Stratus C6 ($700 $450)
Rears: Paradigm Mini Monitor ($340 $290)
Interconnects: Monster Cable Interlink 100 ($145 $130)
Speaker Cables: Monster Cable 12 ga. ($60 $60)
Television Stand: Mitsubishi MB-4080 ($400 $350)
Equipment Racks: Lovan Affiniti Pro 4 ($460 $370)
Rear Speaker Stands: Lovan Affiniti SS II 2900 ($100 $80)

List: $13,485
Paid: $8,770

"Home is where the theater is!"

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My set up cost the following:

Sony 53" RPTV w/high contrast protector - $1975
Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player - $649
Sony STR-DB930 receiver - $500
Energy XL-28P fronts - $1200 pair
Energy XL-S10 sub - $450
Energy XL-C2 center - $350
Energy XL-15 rears - $200 pair
Sony SLV-M91HF VCR - $284
DVD's - $11,317 (Ouch!!)
Total System Cost = Way Too Much!!!!


Now Playing
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I also didn't pay retail for anything of mine, the first numer is retail the second is how much I paid.

Toshiba 3108 DVD (Before DVD_Talk) $799 - $500
GE 31" TV $799 - $360
Marantz SR-96 THX Receiver - $1600 - $400
Marantz CC-67U Cd Player - $500 - $200
VonSchweikert VR-3 Speakers - $2400 - $925

...and that's my entire system. Modest but makes for music that you get lost in, and hits notes you've never heard before. A good pair of speakers are the best thing you can buy, I would have paid the full retail for them.

Totals $6098 - $2385
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I put my system together on a budget
(Retail)- Price Paid

Yamaha RXV- 795 ($799) $699
Pioneer 525 dvd player $225
Philips 32" tv ($600) - $399
Mains- Optimus Pro LX8($400) - $160
Surrounds- Optimus Pro LX77 ($260) - $100
Center- Optimus Pro CS5 ($150) - $99
Sub- JBL GS 100 watt 10" ( $300)- $129

So retail about $3k I paid about $1800
Sounds great, looks great,saved a bundle and impress buds who spent twice as much. Carefull shopping and research can yeild some nice results

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Hitachi Ultravision - $2000
Yamaha 795 - $650
Optimus LX10 (main/surround) - $360
Optimus LX? (center) - $100
Klipsch KSW12 - $350
RCA DVD Player - $0
Toshiba HiFi VCR - $125

Total = $3585
(without tax, cables, etc.)

Is it spring yet? :-)

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With equipment and software together...I would say close to $20,000.....I am sure this is small compared to some others out there who have the theater setup within their own home.
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JVC 664 DD Ready Receiver: $250
JVC 701 DVD player: $450
JVC VCR: $200
Infinity SM Center channel:$150
Infinity SS 2003 mains: $330/pr.
Infinity SL 20 surrounds: $200/pr.
Velodyne CT80 sub: $300
Philips/Magnavox 27" TV: $350

System total $2230

Future upgrades: Marantz SR 7000/8000 receiver, B&W 603S2 mains, B&W 602S2 surrounds, B&W CC6

Gotta get out of grad school first, though...

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Prices are what I paid first/retail second (at the time purchased - TV/CD/DVD much cheaper now):

All equipment was purchased new.

Mitsubishi 36" TV (top model) $2100/$2999 (to be upgraded soon)
B&K Ref 20 PreAmp $1500/$2499
Anthem MCA5 200x5 Amp $1100, $1699 (?)
Panasonic DVD $240, $299
Sony CX260 200Disc CD $350, $480 (?)
Sony CX220 200Disc CD $220, $350 (?)
(Sure wish I had 2 of the new 400 Disc changers so I could link those...)

Front: Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano w/stones $2300/$3899 pair
Center: Sonus Faber Solo $600/$999
Rear: 10 Year Old Polk Audio Monitor 4 - guessing prices $150/$200
HSU Research TN1225 Sub w/150W amp (LOVE it) ~$600/$600 (forget)

Misc Cables/Wires: $900/$1400 (close enough)

Totals: $10,060/$15,424

P.S. Not including the $450 spent on Mitsubishi VCR back in 1995 when I bought the TV. It sits in my closet.

Still holding back on upgrading the TV portion. I've never totalled this stuff up before. Now I know why I've been waiting to upgrade the TV portion. I think I'm going to vomit...
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DVD: Sony DVP-S7000 - $1000
CD: (2) Sony CDP-CX555ES - $1400
CD Controller: Escient Tunebase 100 - $3000
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-07TX - $1400
VCR: Toshiba M754 - $250
TiVo: Phillips HDR312 - $700
DirecTV: Hughes Silver - $190
Power Conditioner: Monster HTS3500 - $400
Speaker (Main): Paradigm Reference Studio 60 - $1100
Speaker (Center): Paradigm Reference LCR450 - $500
Speakers (rear): JBL 2800 - $300
Speaker Cable: MIT T-2 bi-wire (LCR): $800
Rack: Premeir - $350
TV: Panaonsic 20 inch crap.. soon to be Wega XBR400 - $300

I think that's about it.. and 90 or so DVDs.. the total retail is a little under 12,000, but I paid around 8-9 k is my guess...

btw, great topic
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Toshiba TW56X81 $4000
Mirage Speakers $2200
Sony DB930 Receiver $ 400
Toshiba 6200 DVD player $ 700
Cables, connectors etc $ 200

About $7500, I've had this setup(Tosh 5109 before the 6200) for about 7 months and it's been worth every penny.

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Pioneer SD582-HD5 HDTV - $3900
Toshiba 32" TV - $650
Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LD Combo Player - $850
Panasonic DVD-A120U DVD Player - $300
Sony DE-925 Receiver - $550
Teac CD Player - $100
Echostar Model 4000 Sat. Receiver - $400
JBL PSW-D115 Subs (3) - $900
JBL CF-150 15" Three-way Speakers (8) - $1200
JBL HLS Center Speaker - $170

$9020.00 (not bad since a lot of stuff I got at incredible prices at the time!

My DVD/LD List
My Home Theater Equipment
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I've built my system through upgrades over the years so it's not a set price.
Technics SA-DX930
Toshiba SD2109
Sony SLV-679HF
Pioneer CD changer
Technics Cassette deck
JBL TLX181 mains
JBL FLIX 20 center
JBL D38 surrounds
JBL PSW110 sub
Philips 55" rear projector
equipment & speaker stands
I won't count the 2 Lazy Boy chairs for viewing pleasure. So my best guess would put the cost just shy of $4000.00, but I'm not done with upgrades yet.
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hand-me-down 27" tv-$0.00
hand-me-down very decent sony vcr which is never used since i watch dvds now-$0.00
zenith dvd2200-$175.00
sherwood rvd-9090r-$275.00
Cheap ass altec lansing subwoofer-$100.00
Pioneer big ass 24 lbs speakers with 12" woofer, 4" midrange, and 2-1/2" tweeter-$100.00 pair
Surround and center pioneer set-$75.00
bugging your mom upstairs and seeing the look on your friends faces while watching saving private ryan dts at volume 70 out of 80-priceless

There are some things money cant buy--for everything else theres your home theater (that didn't make any sense)
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Let's see...

Toshiba CZ36V51 36" TV: $1000
Toshiba SD-2109 DVD: $160
Sony 777ES Receiver: $1050
Carver AV705x 125x5 Amp: $595
Sony CDX-CP300: $1 (pointclick baby!)
JVC VCR (old): $300 a few years ago
Toshiba VCR: $55
Dishnetwork Dishplayer: $29
Infinity Delta 60 Mains: $600
Infinity Minuette Surrounds: $60 used
Infinity Minuette Center: $40 used
Infinity BU-2 Subwoofer: $400 a few years back
Cherry Entertainment Center: $300

Total: $4590 including tax/shipping
Not too bad for still being in college. I really went crazy over the past year and bought the tv, receiver, and amp. I believe retail for everything is around $7800, so I think I did allright.
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