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Your total system cost ?

Old 07-18-00, 08:47 PM
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Total system cost:

27" JVC TV $450
JVC RX888 receiver $300
JVC 511 DVD player $230
JVC VHS (not used) $200
Cambridge Soundworks
Powered sub and slave sub $400
Centerchannel plus $140
5.1 surround $200
Bose 301 mains $300
Digital cables/rcas $150
Total Cost $2,370

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Equipment Cost
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V795 $600 (Usernet)
DVD: Toshiba SD1200 $180 (Mobshop)
TV: RCA 27" $0 (in-laws)
Mains: DCM10 $280/pr (Circuit City - pre-DIVX)
Center: Realistic 3-way $0 (childhood yrs)
Surrounds: BIC $200/pr (local store)
Total $1260

Not too shabby

I would really like to have a sub and get a real center channel and the 16:9 TV will come before year's end. It rocks as it is, though. The wife complains it's way too loud. I say...naaahh!!

Sorry for the big space above the table...don't know what's up with that.

My DVD List

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Toshiba 61" RPTV
Toshiba SD-2108 DVD Player
Pioneer DVL-919 DVD/LD Player
Pioneer VSX-D608 A/V Receiver
Yamaha NS-A1638 (Front and Surround Pair)
Yamaha NS-AC143 (Center)
Yamaha YST-SW160 (LFE)

Can't remember individual prices...seems like it's around 4-5K total.

DVD Reviews..with an attitude

Presented by Samuel L. Bronkowitz

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I built mine for music first, with a nod to HT. My core components are

Marantz 7000 $699

4 PSB Alpha A/V's for front and rear
PSB center channel
PSB SubSonic 5
this speaker package ran just under $900

Magnavox 32" TV (PIP-ready for a second tuner) $525

and I'm still trying out DVD players, but will probably go low end - maybe very low end - as I expect to have to buy another one in 2-3 years after the DVD-audio, HDCD, SACD shakeout occurs and we get a more standardized music format.


Question: What is the average expenditure on sound for a commercial movie theater?

ANSWER: $10,000

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TV: Sharpvision 34N-WF5H HDTV: $3500
Receiver: Denon 5700: $2500
DVD: Toshiba 3109: $325
LRSR: NHT Super Zero: $440
Center: NHT VT1.2: $220
Sub: HSU 1220 w/ 500 watt amp: $1200
Rack: Salamander Synergy: $700

System Total: $8,885
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Old 07-21-00, 02:45 PM
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Panasonic PT56WXF90 (HDTV) $5800
DVDO iScan $420
Krell HTS $4500
Proceed HPA2 $3000
Parasound HCA1206 $1200
Sony S7000(code free) $800
Sony DTC2000ES (DAT) $650
Midiman CO3 (SCMS buster) $120
Nakamichi CR7A $900
Sumiko Prospectives(w/grado ref cart) $1100
Linn Kolector(used as phono preamp) $900
Pioneer DV09 $1500
Pioneer LDS2(w/ac3 mod) $1200
Sony EP9ES (used as RF demod) $450
Sony SCD777ES (SACD) $2800
Yamaha TX1000U (Tuner) $450
JVC HRS9600U $420
Mirage OM6 $1500
Mirage 1090i $800
Mirage MCsi $650
Mirage BPS150 $450
(2)Boston SW10 (rear subs) $900


not includng cables, exotic remotes, DVDs(400), LDs(100), CD/SACDs(700), LPs(400), power line enhancers, tweaks and stands

...and it's was all worth it

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32" Sony VVega - ($1200)$0
Pioneer VSX-509S - (350)160
JBL N38 x2 - (400)0
JBL N-Center - (150)0
JBL N24 - (160)125
Toshiba DVD - (400)160
Misc. Cables - (150)150

Total - (2810)595 (WOW!)

Still need sub though! And probably 600-700 in DVDs.
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Originally posted by Simon:
I live in the UK and it looks like you guys get pretty much cheaper everything, so how much is your entire system worth?

Afraid to calculate!


Would you spend more if you had more, where do you think the line should be drawn (before 1000 dollar interconnects for example?).

Wouldn't add more gear, as the performance of
the current gear is limited by the room
dimensions, and acoustics. The next step is
fixing those two areas, otherwise I'd be
wasting money.

Where should the line be drawn? I think
separate amplifiers are a must for
"serious" audio and HT; the jump in
performance is astounding. I have $20.00
interconnects, and $1.50/foot 12AWG OFC
Monster speaker cable, so I'm not much into
black magic stuff.

I like to focus on the basics: clean preamp,
huge power reserves, quality speakers. Once
that is all squared away (as well as before
then) room dimensions and acoustics can be
addressed. (The AC circuit feeding the amps
is also an issue, as big amps can draw more
than a standard 15AMP line can provide.)

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Panasonic 20" TV-about $250
Old Sony CD player-about $150
Toshiba sd-2109-$299
Sony STR-DE835-$325
Sony speaker package -$210
crappy mono vcr-about $80
Nintendo 64-$199
Playstation- $199
Radio Shack RM-1954 remote- $30
probably about $40 in Monster Cable and RS cables.

Comes to about $1,981. Not a high-end system, but it suits my needs. Need to get some better speaker wire and a bigger tv.

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I always wondered if people actually bought Optimus speakers from Radio Shack. I guess this post answered my question.
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I'm just a newbie

Sony Home Theatre reciever/speaker package thingy... $600

Sony's cheapest DVD player out now... $250

Sanyo 25" TV, 3 yrs old, $300

$1150 total .. Would anyone like to give me $5000 so I can buy a real TV?
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Mitsubishi 50" RPTV $2,400
Yamaha 2095 1,090
Mitsubishi SVHS recorder 495
Yamaha DVD Player 450
Dish Network 4700 with DD Free
Infinity CC-2 center 170
(2)Infinity Overture 2's (mains) 810
(2)Infinity RS'4s (effects) 410
Infinity HPS 250 (sub) 480

Total: $6,215
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(TV, preamp, 3 amps, 5 speakers, DVD player, LD player, VCR, 2 Racks, 81 dvds)

Approx retail: $11,200
Approx what I paid: $5500
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Way too much...


John 3:16
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I got some great deals:

Marantz SR-7000 $600
Infinity Crescendo 3007 Mains $350
Infinity Crescendo 3006 Surround $400
Infinity Delta Center $200
Toshiba 2109 DVD $200

Total $1750

Add in an old 36" TV and VCR and interconnects and for an apartment setup, I'm very happy!

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