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white hot mass 09-26-00 01:17 PM

I am interested in picking up a pair of headphones that I intend to use to watch movies and listen to music on my computer while my roommate is here. I have been looking at the Sony Mdr-v900 headphones for $150 and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for better headphones for about the same price or suggestions for places to go to find out more about headphones such as reviews, etc. Thanks.

Bose Pro 09-26-00 01:35 PM

Bose has a new set of noise cancellation headsets that are awesome. They have a patented technology that cancels over 85% of background 'ambient' (sp?) noise. They are primarey made for people who travel a lot on airplanes to help with engine noise, yet they are awesome stereo headphones. Visit a Bose store in your area for a demonstration. Only downside is they are more exspensive than most at $299.

Good luck.

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hahn 09-26-00 02:10 PM

the sennheiser 580's are awesome headphones, super comfy, and great frequency response. with rebates, you might be able to find them for well under $200 (they're $199 retail normally, and i've never seen them discounted). some sites have them including the dolby surround module with it but i personally think it's probably useless.

daledude 09-26-00 06:44 PM

The Sennheiser HD-580's are widely considered one of the best headphones ever. Check out the reviews from www.audioreview.com and you'll see that almost everyone who hears them likes them. The one drawback is that you need a good source to get the most out of these headphones, they are a difficult load for most headphone amps.

At $200 it's probably the best value on "high end" headphones. The DSP Pro unit may be useful because it simulates surround sound for any headphone. It works O.K. but I generally prefer stereo playback with movies. The DSP Pro sounds o.k., but not really great compared to a basic headphone amp.

Another excellent headphone you should check out is Grado. I'm not sure which model is in your price range ($150), but both the sr-60 ($69) and sr-80($95?) are great headphones as well.

Some good sites for headphone info. are:

Mister_Scuba 09-26-00 09:11 PM

Sennheiser 580's

I have had them for over 2 years, and they are stylish, durable, comfy (I USE EM AS EAR MUFFS WHEN ITS ERALLY COLD), and sound great. Plus the cord they come with is nice and long, so its good for your computer if you have it stuck in a niche.

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