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jvc dvd player

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just bought a second player for my bedroom. not exactly sure of the model number as i bought it last night but it has great features (dolby digital ready but not dts. ready, component outs etc.). was wondering what your thoughts were on JVC dvd players and your experiences with them. thanks.

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I know there is a faction out there that hate them, but I love mine - it has never given me a problem.

By the way, there is a separate sub-forum for DVD Hardware posts.
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Stay away from JVC players like the plague !!! I have been contacted from someone who is telling me that there is a class action suit against JVC concerning consumers that got screwed by them. I have a JVC and a Toshiba. The JVC bit the dust 3 months after it was bought. I had to get it serviced for $150.00. JVC basically told me the repair cost was all mine . I fought and they reimbursed me $50.00. The best part is that was the 3rd one I had gotten from Circuit City !!! All 3 died !! The best is all the symptoms were the same it was a JVC 701. The Toshiba on the other hand has had no down time.

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Well, i've had the Jvc XV-D2000 DVD PLAYER, no DTS ,cant play cd-r's, but i havent had any problems with it. I do want to know if someone else in here had the same model, and purchased a new one.Besides having DTS and little things here and there, how is the new picture? is there a difference?? I'm happy with my JVC.
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The only brands worth considering, especially at the low end, are Sony and Pioneer as they seem to have the least amount of problems. Toshiba seem to be well built but they also seem to have a lot of software incompatibility issues. Personally I would not buy any other brand unless I was going for high end in which case I would probably consider Denon and Marantz.



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Originally posted by Red Dog:
I know there is a faction out there that hate them, but I love mine - it has never given me a problem.

I am in the same boat as Red Dog. I have heard of people having problems with JVC DVD players, but mine has worked very well for me from the start (I have the 701).

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Retired my PIECE OF Sh*t JVC player yesterday
11 months old and completely useless,wont play 75% of my discs.Tired of reseting the eeprom only to have it freeze up halfway through a film.Picked up a Pioneer dv333 at Best Buy for 189.00 using four gift cards I got for my birthday 109.00+tx.And sent most of the knight trying every disc that I had problems with on my xv501bk.Every disc worked perfectly and the load time is very fast.I'm very impressed with the Pioneer.

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I was contacted by a laywer who has a class action suit against JVC. I told him that I was interested in going along also.
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I`ve had the 3 tray JVC dvd player since December and never had any problems with it. I think the model no. is XVM555BK. I have around 180 DVDs and I`ve been a Netflix marquee member all that time, so it has been tested on a helluva lot of discs and they`ve all played fine. My mother has this same player and she`s had no problems either. This may be the only decent dvd player that JVC makes. They just came out with a new 3 tray model which is silver instead of black and has a newly designed remote, which is probably the weak point of the one I have. Anyway, the 3 tray player has gotten fairly decent reviews, but if I had known of all the problems with JVC players before I bought mine, I probably wouldn`t have, even though I`m happy with the one I have.
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